Let me set the scene. Pretend for the moment the following is a scene from a movie and not what really happened to me on June 22, 2022!

Our hapless careening up the road on his hybrid pedal bike! (See above) Like the lawful person he is, our hero safely merges over to the left hand turn lane. When out of nowhere, our hero hears a vehicle roaring up from behind him. Our hero pedals faster. Our hero is no match for the motorized monstrosity roaring towards our hero. The SUV passes, our hero gets a brief of glances at the back end of the SUV, with a Manitoba license plate. Before the SUV abruptly moves over to the left cutting off our prone hero. Forcing our nobel hero to slam on the breaks and move abruptly closer to the curb than would be prudent under most normal circumstances.

As our hero desperately tries to avoid the SUV and the curb to his left his front tire slides on the loose gravel on the road.

The next thing our hero is aware of… Is that he is now standing upright in the median. In the middle of the road. Blood profusely streaming down from a huge laceration on his middle finger of his right hand. His only words were a quiet, “Ho boy!”

5 hours in emerg waiting to being sewn up. A brief scare with the possibility of surgery on his finger. Our hero spends the weekend nursing his many scrapes and bruises.

After a closer inspection of his bike helmet. The decision was that yes, indeed our hero needs a new helmet! The bike needs some minor adjustment.

So in spite of how serious this could have been. Our hero got away relatively unscathed. Leaving our hero wondering, whether he just used up another one of his lives?

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