A Warrior's Herat Awakening Book Cover

A Warrior's Heart: The Awakening

After crashing his plane in the South Pacific (the direct result of his own arrogance), Graham begins to question who he is and what his life is about. Shortly after his rescue, he makes the bold decision to return to the deserted island to do some soul searching for thirty days… only to discover that he’s not alone! What unfolds is an exciting adventure; a compelling tale of self-discovery, transformation and awakening to spirituality. The antics of these entertaining characters will not only keep you wondering what’s next, but touch your heart with their story of unconditional love and friendship. Embrace your own Warrior’s Heart and make your Warrior Spirit grow by reading A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening!

A Warrior's Heart Perserverence Book Cover

A Warrior's Heart: Perserverence

On this trip, Blaine is introduced to the Japanese War Veteran that Graham very fondly refers to as Master Akio. What follows is an exciting, challenging and powerfully life-changing set of adventures that deepens the bond of friendship between them all.

A Warrior’s Heart: Perseverance is an entertaining, captivating story sprinkled with delightful lessons about life, love, friendship and spirituality. An engaging read for anyone who has ever questioned who they are and what their purpose in life is.

A Warrior's Heart: Convocation

Readers of the first two books in this compelling trilogy will breathe a sigh of relief after reading the first paragraph of this book, where they discover Graham sitting at his beloved Master Akio’s bedside in the hospital on Majuro Atoll. It’s not long before you are laughing at the antics of these two endearing characters, as they delve into the ‘great escape’ with their good friend, Blaine. They continue their adventurous journey of personal and spiritual growth back on Inspiration Island and as their story unfolds, you’ll not only laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be swept into the struggles, pains and challenges of life on their island. You’ll gain insights about the power of determination, forgiveness and love, and even deeper insights about purpose and living life to the fullest. Most of all, you’ll be grateful to be with your old friends, Graham and Master Akio… and their ever-growing family once again. Welcome back to the engaging world of A Warrior’s Heart!

Alchemy of the Heart - book cover

Alchemy Of The Heart:
Shavon Sun Cloud

Devin Jones felt like an utter failure. In an attempt to change his miserable life, he registered for a life-changing retreat, only to fail so badly at the final activity that he ended up in the hospital.

Yet this incident that left him wallowing in self-pity turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. If he hadn’t landed in the hospital and his nurse hadn’t kicked him out of his room for acting like a spoiled brat, he never would have met the beautiful redhead on the way to the courtyard.

Yet this isn’t the love story you might expect. The beautiful redhead was an Irish Shaman who always listened to her intuition. Within an hour of their meeting, Shavon Sun Cloud listened to the call and made an offer to Devin that was unfathomable to him.

Against all common sense and his mother’s wishes, Devin agreed to pack up when he recovered and head to Ireland to become her apprentice… and his incredibly life-changing journey began.