Few have the courage or calling to follow

The Path of The Spiritual Warrior

Do You?

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What is a Spiritual Warrior?

What are the characteristics or traits of a Spiritual warrior? Do YOU have what it takes to be a humble Spiritual Warrior?

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What is the Warrior Archetype?

Discover if YOU are the Warrior Archetype and what is a Warrior Archetype?


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Shin Dao Philosophy

Does the Shin Dao Path of Loving Who You Are and What You’re Doing with Your Life speak to YOU?

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L. Neil Thrussell

Spiritual Warrior, Author, Teacher,  Adventurer and Lover of Life.

Hi! My name is L. Neil Thrussell and I believe everyone, especially you, has a life purpose.  I also believe you were born to fulfill that purpose.  Some of you may not know what that purpose is right now, at this very moment, but trust me, you were born to live it!

I also believe that there are many ways to live your life and for me, my personal path is sharing the Way of the Spiritual Warrior.