Shin Dao, simply translated from Japanese Kanji, is Heart Way or The Way of the Heart.

The Shin Dao is a Path to Loving Who You Are and What You’re Doing with Your Life.

The Shin Dao is a Movement from intellectual, Mind-based living to Compassionate, Heart-based Living.

The Shin Dao is a Philosophy that fosters Wholeness, based on four guiding principles and twelve tenets.

Bring wholeness to your life – live by the Four Guiding Pillars of the Shin Dao:

  • Develop Your Body
  • Inspire Your Mind
  • Open Your Heart
  • Elevate Your Spirit

Experience the Magic of Life – live by these 12 tenets (principles):

Live from your Heart, Follow your Bliss… and Be the Love you want in your life!

Become a Shin Daoist – walk the Path of the Shin Dao, living the Way of the Heart.

      Stop longing… Start Living!