Who Would You Choose to Converse With A Philosophical Exploration

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Imagine for a moment that you could sit down on a park bench and have a conversation with anyone in the world, living or dead. Who would you pick? Why would you pick them, and what burning questions would you ask? The thought of such a meeting is as tantalizing as it is profound. The […]

The Transformative Power of Solitude: A Personal Reflection

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In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, where constant connectivity seems to be the norm, there exists a profound and often overlooked sanctuary—solitude. As I, L. Neil Thrussell, delve into the depths of this sacred space, I am compelled to share the transformative power that spending time alone holds. Solitude is not merely […]

Embracing New Beginnings: A Message from L. Neil Thrussell and Tina Thrussell

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Elevating Your Spirit, Embracing Your Dreams As the calendar turns the page to a new year, we, L. Neil Thrussell and Tina Thrussell, extend our heartfelt wishes to all for a Happy New Year! In this time of fresh starts and limitless possibilities, we pause to ponder: Do you engage in the tradition of making […]

My Epic Quest for the Meaning of Life in Solitary Traffic

man holding the steering wheel while driving

Hey there, I’m Neil Thrussell, your average guy from Calgary with a penchant for pondering life’s big questions. And what better time to do that than when you’re stuck in the mother of all traffic jams on your way to Vancouver? Yes, you heard me right—traffic jam philosophy is now a thing, and I’m here […]

The Power and Potential Heart Break of a Reading Group

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As an author, I, as well as many other storytellers, can get so involved or caught up in our stories that we can forget that we are entertaining an audience, Which would be you, the purchaser of my books. This is where the power of a first edit comes in. The first edit to a […]

Memoir vs Autobiography

A memoir and autobiography are both forms of life writing that allow individuals to reflect on their experiences and share their stories with others. However, there are significant differences between the two. To write an autobiography, it is important to have a clear understanding of the purpose and scope of the project. The writer should […]

Chasing Success

A hint of what is coming in my book… Success What is it, and who defines it? As little children, we know how to live in the moment and be completely authentic. But then something damaging happens to us, according to author Don Miguel Ruiz: We are given “knowledge” about how to live in the […]