I, Neil Thrussell, am truly blessed to be surrounded by some amazingly loving, caring, beautiful people in my life!

I was contemplating this last night asImage - We must save ourselves I was running on what I affectionately call the hamster wheel of life – a treadmill.

My contemplation was, even though together we may walk a particular path in the same direction at the same time, with the same destination in mind, our combined experience, is just that – a shared experience. My experience is still my own experience and your experience is your own experience.

While I have been blessed to attract beautiful people into my life, I realize at a deeper, more profound level, that even though I am surrounded by all these awesome people, the path I travel is mine and mine alone to travel. The experiences I experience are mine, the adventures are mine.  The memories, reflections and thoughts are all mine. Even though you may be intertwined with me, and an accomplice in the creation of these memories, ultimately, these thoughts are all mine!

This explains why you and I can witness or be part of the same event or circumstance, yet our recollection and stories around that event or circumstance are not exactly the same.

So, I ask you, from a place of loving compassion, to contemplate the phrase:

Together We Walk The Path, Alone!

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