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All in my head!

This past weekend, was a clean up things so that I could free my mind to write deal. Historically, I have a hard time writing when I have any kind of list of things to do. The todo list seems to be an oppressive weight on my writing ability. So I spent, friday night and Saturday morning clearing up my todo list so that I was enegertically free to write.

It worked, I wrote and wrote and wrote. The real issue was that I wrote from my head and not my heart. When I sat back and reread all that I wrote Sunday after noon. I couldn’t belive the “CRAP” I had written. Yes, it moved my story along. But it don’t take my heart with it! So I did something I have never done before. I simply deleted all the work I did since Saturday noon. Sewlected the text in my word document and deleted it!

I kept no evidence of what I wrote, no copy, no print out. Nothing!!! It felt rather liberating to do this.

The cool part was as soon as I deleted what I had written. The real story began to flow into me.. I gained clarity on what I truly knew that needed to be written!

So not all was lost! 🙂

I’m So Excited and Yet I’m Such a Goof!!

I have been doing a new Podcast show with my buddy Jamie Adamchuck of UE Coaching since April 17th and I forgot to share that little fact with you here. Silly me!

The Show is called UPLIFT – Uplifting Conversations That Set Your Heart of Fire! It is a bi-weekly production that is LIVE on Facebook and on our Youtube Channel.

Or if you are more of a podcast listener you can always get the links to your favorite podcast medium here: www.podcast.bestucanb.ca

Our next show is on Friday, May 15th at 2:30 MDT. |
Note: You can always find the replay easily on Youtube if you can’t make the live show.


No More Empty Calorie Lunches

I’ve entered to run the PEI Marathon in October of this year. The training starts now. In my mind, there are a whole bunch of interrelated tasks that are important to successfully complete a marathon and completing the marathon healthy. But, there are two primary tasks that stand out from the rest.

  1. Is the physical and mental training necessary to actually complete the run.
  2. Is ensuring that I am taking care of the nutritional requirements that my body needs.

I am a little heavier than I want to be, so I need to lose some weight while fueling my body with healthy quality foods. One of the easiest ways I know to do that is to pre-make lunches for the week!

We have partnered with Synduit our Virtual Marketing Department to create an email series on meal planning.

Step By Step Meal Prep Ideas

No more excuses! If you think you don’t have the time or money to get healthy, you’re wrong. Eating out day after day is not only costly, but it leads to unhealthy habits as well. If you think healthy food is too expensive, consider how much surgeries or medications will cost in the future.

During my Meal Prep Email Series, I will provide meal prep tips, fun recipes, and valuable health information to share with you. From getting organized to fun and tasty breakfast and lunch meal prep ideas, I’ll cover it all!

The key to eating healthy is preparation and organization.

Additionally, purchasing food in bulk and storing it properly will save you money in the long run. I’ll share standard food storage recommendations and which containers to look for to ensure a successful meal prep experience.

If you’re ready to become a meal prep master, this email series is just what you need! Get meal prep information and techniques delivered directly to your inbox for a fun and unique experience.

Better Health Is Within Your Reach!

According to the United States Department of Agriculture and ChooseMyPlate.gov, people who eat more fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet are more likely to have a reduced risk of chronic diseases and certain cancers.

The problem with processed foods is they are usually empty calories. You may have heard this term before, empty calories refers to foods high in calories but low in actual nutrition, such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The most common ‘empty calorie’ foods include anything with lots of sugar or fats and oil. For example, soda, candy, and chips – foods often found in vending machines.

Changing your habits isn’t always easy, but when it comes to eating healthier small steps are all it takes! For example, when you start the day off right, better choices are likely to follow. By opting-in to this email series, you will receive healthy meal prep ideas right to your inbox! Eating healthier has never been easier!

Too Stubborn to Let Go!

Neil has spent years perfecting the art of doing it his way only to be reminded that there are easier ways in doing things, besides his wife (Tina’s) way of course. Years ago, Neil believed, “If you are sweating, swearing and putting in tremendous energy into a project you’ve got to be doing it right.”  Right!?

Join Neil for a profound, yet light-hearted look at, “Letting Go.” 

L. Neil Thrussell is a 4X International Best-Selling Author (A Warrior’s Heart Series), Master of the Shin Dao, Speaker, Facilitator, Life Coach, Web Geek, Adventurer, Husband, Son, Uncle and Lover of Life. Neil has shared his vast acquired knowledge deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle; on various stages in North America and even on local TV. Neil truly believes that life is a grand adventure. If it is not fun I don’t want to do it.  So I make the dull, boring and repetitive – FUN!

I Can’t believe I have a 7-Year-old!

It is true 7 years ago I released my first book in the A Warrior’s Heart Trilogy. A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening. OMG, where has the time gone? It just seemed like yesterday I was afraid to let people read it. Then I was afraid on release day no one was going to buy it. Now my baby is 7 years old! That is amazing.

Introspective Work

Neil In UniformI trust you had an awesome Christmas. Mine was pretty darn good, too Filled with lots of love, food and friendship… as well as a huge amount of introspective work.

The easy short answer on my introspective work is I realized that I have depleted the magic, or spark, in my life. I haven’t played as much as my soul needed, I haven’t skied in years, and I haven’t written just for the sheer enjoyment of writing in a long time! I haven’t traveled as much as I want.

I really haven’t taken the time to enjoy the magic of life as I have been sooo busy trying to make a business. So busy that I inadvertently dampened the zeal for life that made me interesting, a great speaker and an awesome facilitator. So, as I lost the zeal, I had to work that much harder, which made me that much more boring. Not the best paradigm to be running a business from.

So, after some heartfelt soul searching and deeply profound work on myself, I am saying, “Screw it! I am going to play!” But, before I do that, I wanted to say thank you for being part of my journey. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

I will no longer be producing this e-zine every other Tuesday. I am, however, going to keep this mailing list open. As inspiration strikes me and/or if there is something I think you would get value from, I will send you off a note!

My parting words of wisdom to you are – Travel more, play more, make love more, eat slower and enjoy your food. Surround yourself with incredibly passionate people and remember, “No one gets out alive!.”

You are loved!

Running Panther
aka Neil Thrussell

The Autoimmune Hour Show #184 Sudden Catastrophic Memory Loss: One Man’s Amazing Story of Recovery 

Imagine in the blink of an eye, you can’t remember anything, even the simplest of questions you struggle to answer. That’s what happened to our guest, Neil Thrussell, 4X International Best Selling Author and Master of the Shin Dao…. POOF! He had no memories, none… all gone….

Regardless, Neil maintained his love of life. And that, in part, is what he credits with his recovery from mercury toxicity and it wasn’t the mercury that caused the memory loss, it is something even more shocking!  Join your host, Sharon Sayler when Neil shares how he recovered his memory and:

  • What ‘having no past’ taught him about life,
  • Why proper hydration helps with memory.
  • How mindfulness and meditation help him even today,
  • The one surprise silver-lining he discovered with memory loss

Plus so much more…

Neil Thrussell is an author, Master of the Shin Dao, speaker, facilitator, Life Coach, and Lover of Life. Learn more about Neil at www.shindao.com and join host Sharon Sayler to enjoy Neil’s humor and his effervescent lust for life as he shares his inspiring story August 3, at 7PM ET www.Understanding Autoimmune.com/Neil