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Too Stubborn to Let Go!

Neil has spent years perfecting the art of doing it his way only to be reminded that there are easier ways in doing things, besides his wife (Tina’s) way of course. Years ago, Neil believed, “If you are sweating, swearing and putting in tremendous energy into a project you’ve got to be doing it right.”  Right!?

Join Neil for a profound, yet light-hearted look at, “Letting Go.” 

L. Neil Thrussell is a 4X International Best-Selling Author (A Warrior’s Heart Series), Master of the Shin Dao, Speaker, Facilitator, Life Coach, Web Geek, Adventurer, Husband, Son, Uncle and Lover of Life. Neil has shared his vast acquired knowledge deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle; on various stages in North America and even on local TV. Neil truly believes that life is a grand adventure. If it is not fun I don’t want to do it.  So I make the dull, boring and repetitive – FUN!

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I Can’t believe I have a 7-Year-old!

It is true 7 years ago I released my first book in the A Warrior’s Heart Trilogy. A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening. OMG, where has the time gone? It just seemed like yesterday I was afraid to let people read it. Then I was afraid on release day no one was going to buy it. Now my baby is 7 years old! That is amazing.

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Introspective Work

Neil In UniformI trust you had an awesome Christmas. Mine was pretty darn good, too Filled with lots of love, food and friendship… as well as a huge amount of introspective work.

The easy short answer on my introspective work is I realized that I have depleted the magic, or spark, in my life. I haven’t played as much as my soul needed, I haven’t skied in years, and I haven’t written just for the sheer enjoyment of writing in a long time! I haven’t traveled as much as I want.

I really haven’t taken the time to enjoy the magic of life as I have been sooo busy trying to make a business. So busy that I inadvertently dampened the zeal for life that made me interesting, a great speaker and an awesome facilitator. So, as I lost the zeal, I had to work that much harder, which made me that much more boring. Not the best paradigm to be running a business from.

So, after some heartfelt soul searching and deeply profound work on myself, I am saying, “Screw it! I am going to play!” But, before I do that, I wanted to say thank you for being part of my journey. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

I will no longer be producing this e-zine every other Tuesday. I am, however, going to keep this mailing list open. As inspiration strikes me and/or if there is something I think you would get value from, I will send you off a note!

My parting words of wisdom to you are – Travel more, play more, make love more, eat slower and enjoy your food. Surround yourself with incredibly passionate people and remember, “No one gets out alive!.”

You are loved!

Running Panther
aka Neil Thrussell

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The Autoimmune Hour Show #184 Sudden Catastrophic Memory Loss: One Man’s Amazing Story of Recovery 

Imagine in the blink of an eye, you can’t remember anything, even the simplest of questions you struggle to answer. That’s what happened to our guest, Neil Thrussell, 4X International Best Selling Author and Master of the Shin Dao…. POOF! He had no memories, none… all gone….

Regardless, Neil maintained his love of life. And that, in part, is what he credits with his recovery from mercury toxicity and it wasn’t the mercury that caused the memory loss, it is something even more shocking!  Join your host, Sharon Sayler when Neil shares how he recovered his memory and:

  • What ‘having no past’ taught him about life,
  • Why proper hydration helps with memory.
  • How mindfulness and meditation help him even today,
  • The one surprise silver-lining he discovered with memory loss

Plus so much more…

Neil Thrussell is an author, Master of the Shin Dao, speaker, facilitator, Life Coach, and Lover of Life. Learn more about Neil at www.shindao.com and join host Sharon Sayler to enjoy Neil’s humor and his effervescent lust for life as he shares his inspiring story August 3, at 7PM ET www.Understanding Autoimmune.com/Neil

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WebinarNinja – I love it!

I love WebinarNinja

When it comes to webinar software, we’ve been shortchanged for a long time. They’re ugly, clunky and take forever to set up.

Well, those days are finally over with a software I discovered called WebinarNinja.

But this is no ordinary webinar software.


WebinarNinja is years ahead of anything else out there with its cutting-edge live broadcast technology and features you just can’t find anywhere else. Features like:

  • HIGH-QUALITY HD webinars with zero delay.
  • Upload your slides and present without needing to share your screen.
  • Create a webinar in 10 seconds flat!
  • Works on any device in the world- laptop, iPhone, Android; you name it.
  • The most powerful webinar search engine in the world- making marketing your webinar more powerful.
  • Insert a pre-recorded video during your webinar at anytime
  • Gorgeous live offers in your webinars that can be timed or triggered at any time.

Learn more here

Try it out for free. They offer a free 14-day trial with every membership.

Start running better webinars with no worries today. Click the link below and get started.

Check it out for free!


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Your body is your temple. Why are you letting it rust out?

Let me restate this if your body is a temple, why are you letting it rust out?

I am continually amazed at the way many people treat or mistreat their body temple. Love your body templeIs it because we have become so accustomed to living in a disposable world that we have forgotten that we only have one body? Yes, we can replace some part and transplant other parts.  But generally, we get one body and it needs to last us a very long time.

To me this disrespect for our body temple is a huge concern and why “Developing Your Body” is a foundational pillar of the Shin Dao Philosophy.

I am a fanatical believer that taking care of your mental and physical health is your primary task or life goal.

Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness  ~Edward Stanley

Neil taking his body temple for a run

Taking care of your body is not a sperate thing that you do just once because you have to.  To have long lasting effects it needs to be incorporated into your daily life so that it becomes a way of your being.  As an example, eating healthy for most people starts at the grocery store.  But it doesn’t end there. It extends to eating correct portion sizes when you go out to restaurants (we frequently take home left overs), drinking more water (cutting out pop- sugary drinks.) I am not saying you can’t indulge once and a while and have the can of soda and the big steak dinner.  But it needs to be the treat and not the norm. There are thousands if not millions of awesome healthy tasty recipe out on the internet. Google em, and try them out.  There are healthy recipes for everyone palette.

For those that know me, know I love cookies. Yes, there are even healthy cookies available and I even have tried some of them…  Hmm, hmm good!

If you are wanting to know more about exercise, how your body works and some great recipes for a healthier lifestyle check out my running coach Scott McDermott’s book, “If Your Body Were A Car.  You Wouldn’t Treat It This Way” Yes! I do own this book and No!  I don’t make a commission on it!

So let me go back to my original statement if your body is a temple, why are you letting it rust out?

I am going to be bold, to some even rude. The bottom line I have discovered is that if you don’t have a medical condition what stops most people from taking care of their body temple. Is apathy, it is not immediately important to us and we live in a world that many, if not most people only what to do what is easy and convenient.  Which is a train wreck waiting to happen in the distant future.

So let me leave you with this if you don’t have your health what do you have?

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