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It is undeniably true, “I am a dreamer.” I spend a great deal of my life in a ‘Dream World.’ I have even gone online to research types or ways in which we dream. I have discovered science can’t even agree on the number of dream types or ways. There are anywhere from 5 ways of dreaming to over 30 types of dreaming. Anyone that knows me, know I like to keep things simple. Which in the case of researching dream type/ways was not so easy.

I decided I really liked the descriptions offered by the Fact Hacker Blog site on dreams.

8 Different Types of Dreams

According to the Fact Hacker Blog there are eight different ways in which we dream. All are important and significant. Here is an overview of the different types of dream states from their site. Do you dream in any of these ways?

  1. Daydreams
  2. Lucid Dreams
  3. Nightmares
  4. Recurring Dreams
  5. Healing Dreams
  6. Prophetic Dreams
  7. Signal Dreams
  8. Epic Dreams

I am a consummate daydreamer, easily lost in the realm of the current story I am writing. Or conceiving to write.

My first book A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening came from a reoccurring dream. The interesting part was the reoccurring dream piece didn’t even get into the book series until book 2, A Warrior’s Heart: Perseverance.

I am also an avid lucid dreamer, able to stay in a dream for long periods of time. For me this is where some of my most creative writing occurs or comes from, entire storylines are played out for me. As example fight scenes for my A Warrior’s Heart trilogy were conceived entirely in lucid dreams.

Epic dreams, whoa!   I’ve had a couple of those as well. The entire philosophy of the Shin Dao came to me in one massive dump.  Which was absolutely breathtaking in and scary in the very same instant.  To see something so clearly and vividly was entirely overwhelming for me!  It was beyond anything I had ever previously experienced before in my life!  This is one of those experiences, that you have to go through it to truly understand it.

What kinds or ways do you dream?

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