Recently I had this question posed to me, “ What is my definition of the Spiritual Fiction genre?” I had to reflect on that question for a period of time. The best I come up with is that, the spiritual fiction genre is about sharing a belief and processes of personal transformation involved in believing in a power greater than one’s self.

Further to this, the writings in this genre could involve stories, parables and fables dealing with personal journeys centered around finding and believing in something beyond one’s self, and becoming linked with something bigger (a god or deity, spiritual understanding or awakening to a higher truth.)

The genre doesn’t necessarily have to do with religion, because spirituality is often separated from (but is sometimes connected with) religion in that it’s based on subjective experience and personal psychological growth,

I personally love this genre as it allows me to share and open my readers up to the possibilities of a concept or belief without being preachy. I love creating a place that the reader feels safe in exploring new ways of thinking and of other possibilities all wrapped up in “ENTERTAINMENT”. Yet, it is actually a learning opportunity cleverly disguised as a story / parable or fable I love it!!

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