I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that my upcoming retirment didn’t feel a little surreal to me. I am really excited about it. But after being on a schedule for 41 years. It seems a little out there for my mind to proccess that soon, I will be the creator of my schedule. For better or worse

I have always been a beliver, that I have been the creator of my destiny. That I live my life by choices etc. and inspite of having job. One that I actively chose to go to! As I went not out of obligation, rather choice. I will not be retuning to the 9 to 5 routine that someone else sets! I will be setting my own time table.

Though, I am retiring from one set of daily activities. I will not be idle. I want to finish up a couple of the four books I am working on. Do a little traveling and spend more time out at our trailer! Instead of just weekends and long weekend!

I won’t miss the work I previously did, I will miss the exceptional people that I called, my friends and co-workers!

I am cuourios, are you going to work because of obligation or choice? Are you doing what you love, with people you care about? OR are you trapped in a no win situation. The money is good, but you ahte what you do?

I would love to know. Drop me a line at neil@neil-thrussell.com. Share with me your experience of work!

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