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Chasing Success Book Cover


I’ve floated the title of my book “Chasing Success – The Trouble With Being Normal” to many people over the last couple of years. Most, if not all, loved the title.

Interestingly enough, almost immediately after the magic of my nifty book title has worn away, the next question invariably out of people’s mouths is, “Neil, what is your definition of success?”

I usually grin impishly and reply, “What if I don’t have one?” and immediately respond with the following follow-up statement, “Because I am looking for your definition of what success looks and feels like. So, I have more than one opinion for my book.” Then like a vulture on a corpse, I pounce, “So what does success look like to you?”

I have had to smile because what I discovered through hundreds of individual conversations is that many, if not most people. It didn’t matter what country or continent they were born in. Most people have never thought about what their definition of success was or is. So, they were looking to me for hints of what success could be for them.

I will give you my definition of what success looks and feels like, but you need to read the book to find out!


L. Neil Thrussell

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