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Who wants to join me for Na No Wri Mo Month?

Okay, all you closet writers, who wants to join me for National Novel Writing Month in November?

Na No Wri Mo is a fun-filled month of frantic writing if you are anything like me. Why is frantic? Glad you asked, it is because you agree to write 50,000 words in 30 days. For me and my wring process that’s a lot! There are many organized and informal writing events or opportunities that go on with Na No Wri Mo to help us along

I have participated twice in Na No Wri Mo, once formally in 2015. I went to the designated meeting spots (one was a Husky 24 hr. Restaurant) in Calgary where I met with a dozen or so crazy writers and we waited until exactly 12:00:01 am on November 1st before we started writing. It was a lot of fun, to be with a plethora of young enthusiastic writers.

I also participated in a second Na No Wri Mo in 2016, which saw me chained to my own computer. Which was just as successful. But not nearly as fun!

I’d love to have a group of us form an informal writing support group. I don’t know what this could look like. But I’d love to hear from you if this interests you! Drop me a line at

I Can’t believe I have a 7-Year-old!

It is true 7 years ago I released my first book in the A Warrior’s Heart Trilogy. A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening. OMG, where has the time gone? It just seemed like yesterday I was afraid to let people read it. Then I was afraid on release day no one was going to buy it. Now my baby is 7 years old! That is amazing.

Sell em’ What They Want, Give Them What They Need

I first heard these words from T. Harv Eker in and around 2007 when we attended one of Peak Potentials Training various programs. Harv owned Peak Potentials Training which was a very successful personal growth training company up until about 2011??

T. Harv Eker was a master NLP facilitator and trainer. He sold and in many cases gifted his entry entry-level program, the Millionaire Mind Intensive to those looking to change their financial status.

Then over the course of the weekend, he slowly revealed that it was your personal perceptions, fears and your limiting beliefs that stopped you from achieving success.

Harv got you into the audience (bums into seats) by selling you what you wanted! (Increased Wealth). Then over a short period of time, he seamlessly switched the focus of the programs to give you what you really needed. (Personal growth opportunities – training.)

This was the start of many large scale personal development companies. Many businesses followed and still do follow the Peak Potentials business model.

It was also the start of the “Fake It Till You Make It” movement. People were hungry for change, many attending these seminars it was their first time in their lives to see or experience their own personal greatness. To see and get a glimpse that the possibilities of a better life were awe-inspiring and terrifying at the same time for many.

In 2005 to 2008 the personal growth was a booming multi-million dollar industry. Filled with many charlatans. People who truly weren’t as successful as their marketing material claimed they were, stood in the front of large crowds, “Claiming” to be successful. But weren’t even close.

In my hunger, or quest for knowledge, I personally met a number of them. I (we) paid good money for the privilege of learning what “Great” marketing material could do for a speaker! $$$$$

Equally as important, we learnt to read into the marketing material and we discovered and experienced some truly gifted “Masters” teachers that knew their craft, had done their personal work to develop and grow!

Blessing and thanks to all my teachers, event the ones with the incredible marketing material and little substance. You taught me profoundly as well!

Good teacher

Love Yourself… Especially Naked

In the last couple of years, I have noticed a DRAMATIC increase in the use of the word ‘NAKED’ in book titles and in social media.

Dictionary result for naked
1. (of a person or part of the body) without clothes.

The interesting notion, or fact, to me is it is predominately women using the word and not men. Some of my observations on the use of the word were pre- #MeToo movement.

Why this is of interest to me is because I am fascinated by society’s various judgments of the word ‘naked’. We were all born naked, yet North American society has us covered up pretty quickly. I understand our weather plays a role in it. But! In my view, only a small portion of our societal desire to cover up is weather dependent. But, I digress.

First off, there are going to be those that find the term ‘naked’ offensive no matter whether the person using the word is male or female. In my mind, that is just an unfortunate, puritan fact.

Secondly, there is going to be a portion of the population that instantly places the label of a pedophile on a man that uses the word naked and labels a woman as a slut/ tramp if she uses the word. Once again, a sad fact of our current society.

Before you jump all over me, I recognize the need to protect the vulnerable and our children. So just bare with me! 🙂 Bare with me! Get it? Bare and not bear! Ok, carrying on again. 🙂

One of the unfair dichotomies that really annoy me is the fact that if Tina and I both would be facilitating a multi-gender event and if I (Neil) were to talk about as an example, “Loving yourself, naked.” Many of the attendees that ‘identify’ as a female could be horrified because I just don’t understand what being a woman is all about.

Now, if Tina was to talk about, “Loving yourself, naked.” It would be received with a much less ‘yuck’ factor. Which is not fair. But it is what it is.

I am glad people are starting to use ‘Naked’ in the personal growth industry. I have instigated many conversations with many gurus in the speaking, coaching and personal growth industry and I find they preach the good sermon right up to the moment they start talking about body image. Then things, for many, fall apart – their perfectly scripted Instagram life falls apart.

For me, accepting my body for all its pimples, warts and rolls is all part of the self-acceptance path that I am on as a follower of the Shin Dao.  I am also not saying that you don’t take care of your body.  rather you take care of it from a loving compassionate place and not a place of ‘Should.’

Finally, you don’t have to pose for photos or prance around naked. But you need to be comfortable in your own skin and be comfortable seeing yourself without clothes on!

Your thoughts and comments on this revealing topic are greatly appreciated!