Dear Beloved Friends, Supporters, and Readers,

I am overflowing with gratitude and joy as I write this message to express my deepest appreciation for your unwavering support during the release of my book, “Alchemy of the Heart: Shavon Sun Cloud.” Your generosity, encouragement, and love have made this journey truly remarkable.

To all those who dedicated their time and energy to read the various manuscript versions, offering invaluable feedback and insights, you are the unsung heroes behind the scenes. Your commitment to the creative process and your belief in the story’s potential have made a profound impact on the final product. Thank you for being the pillars of strength throughout this journey.

To the incredible souls who helped spread the word and promote my book on its release day, your efforts were nothing short of extraordinary. Your enthusiasm and support gave wings to my words, allowing them to reach readers far and wide. Your belief in my work is a gift that I will forever cherish.

And to those wonderful individuals who not only read “Alchemy of the Heart” but also took the time to write heartfelt reviews on Amazon, your words touched the depths of my soul. Reading your reviews filled my heart with immense gratitude and a sense of fulfillment that words cannot adequately express. Your reviews not only illuminate the pages of my book but also inspire others to embark on this literary journey.

Because of your collective support, “Alchemy of the Heart: Shavon Sun Cloud” soared to incredible heights, reaching the #2 position in two Kindle categories and securing the #3 spot in the broader book category. This achievement is a testament to the power of community, the beauty of collaboration, and the magic of shared love for literature.

In times when words alone feel insufficient, please know that my heart overflows with thankfulness for each and every one of you. Your belief in my work has fueled my passion to continue creating, writing, and sharing stories from the heart.

Thank you, thank you, from the depths of my soul. Your kindness has not only touched my life but has illuminated the path of “Alchemy of the Heart.” Together, we have created something beautiful, and I am forever grateful.

With profound love and appreciation,

L. Neil Thrussell

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