I started playing lunch hour shinny hockey with the “Wolf Pack” in 1997. When I was a much younger man. ::

I have to admit when I started out I was not very good. As I stopped playing organized hockey when I was 10. Why? because I was probably the tallest and the lightest one in the entire league. Which meant, I was very easy to check and take out of the play. For a young aspiring centerman, it was very frustrating. So I pouted and hung up my skates. I had not yet taken up the never give up attitude which is part of my make-up now.

The “Wolf Pack” has been together for 25 years, I was an active member for 20 of those years, from 1997 to 2017. Our goalie Brad and the team manager Ray have been on the ice with the team since day one!

When I started distance running I found myself attending fewer and fewer games. Our games seem to fall right after “hill” runs. Leaving my legs with little to no strength. Excuses, I know. But thats what I have!

Last week Ray, the manager sent out an email to all present and past members of the team notifying he was disbanding the team. Sent out the weekly pick up game schedule and rink locations.

I have decided to make a concerted effort to attend as many of the last ice times as I can. Many great memories were made with my fellow “Wolf Pack.

I returned to the pack on Wednesday. I even somehow managed to score two goals. There were not pretty. But hey! They were goals none the less.

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