Excited to have my running coach Scott McDermott on the UPLIFT show on Monday August 30th, 2021.

Keeping a healthy body and mindset when life is feeding you lemons.

Scott McDermott will be joining Co-Hosts of 🔥 UPLIFT 🔥Sarah Wade (from our Australian studio) while Neil Thrusselll (will be in our Canadian studios) on Monday, August 30th at 7:30 pm. Or Tuesday 10:30 am if you are tuning in from Australia. No matter where you are tuning in from around the world, come check it out!

Scott is the Founder of Warrior Code Training, he’s a Best Selling Author, Movie Producer, and the (star) focus of the full-length feature documentary “Living The Warrior Code.”

Documentary spoiler alert: Scott is alive today because of some fast-acting Australians and Canadians!

We will share how you can see “Living The Warrior Code” movie for FREE on the show! STAY TUNED

You can also view UPLIFT on the UPLIFT YouTube Channel

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