I am still training for the PEI Marathon scheduled for this October (2021) and my training is getting a harder! Everywhere I have been on training days the smoke from the numerous wildfires in British Columbia have followed me! Making it difficult to train. The joys of being slightly asthmatic.

Then my fathers health took a turn for the worse and he has been hospitalized twice in the last 6 to 8 weeks. So, I have had to miss or reschedule runs dependent on his hospitalizations.

So the training seems harder because of a shortened time frame. I have not stopped training! I am having to push myself a little harder to make up for missed runs! But, the plan is still to head to PEI and run the marathon!

What are you doing to challenge yourself beyond your current mindset? Are you challenging yourself, mentally? Physically? Or have you found yourself a nice comfortable spot on the couch and you are not moving until the Covid 19 nonsense is over with?

I decided to run my very first marathon in 2017, ran another one in 2018…

Neil Training Running
Victoria Marathon 2017

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