A Beginners Mind

Cliff Young was an Australian potato farmer who, in 1983, at the age of 61, unexpectedly entered and won the Sydney to Melbourne ultramarathon race, despite having no prior running experience or training. This incredible feat has made Young a national hero in Australia and inspired countless others to pursue their own dreams, regardless of […]

Training is getting a little harder

I am still training for the PEI Marathon scheduled for this October (2021) and my training is getting a harder! Everywhere I have been on training days the smoke from the numerous wildfires in British Columbia have followed me! Making it difficult to train. The joys of being slightly asthmatic. Then my fathers health took […]

Just What The Soul Ordered

I am not complaining about the weather. But, because I am slightly asthmatic. Cold weather, running and I don’t get along very well. 🙁 So I just don’t do it when the outside temperature drops to more than – 6C. Today’s weather filled my soul’s desire to go for a run. It was only -3C. […]

Let The Silliness Begin, My Second Marathon!

After a long internal deliberation, I have decided to run another marathon!  I completed my first one in October 2017.  Silly me has decided, “That wasn’t so bad.  I should do another!” So I have registered for the Okanagan Marathon, on the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend (October 7th, 2018) The fun part is, that my sister […]

My First. . . Possibly My Last Marathon

On May 21st, 2017 I will be running in my first and quite possibly my last.  I am running in May to test my personal endurance.  To push myself, mentally and physically.  If and only if I enjoy the running the distance of 42.2 km’s may I do another one.  If I don’t enjoy the distance. […]

My 1/2 Marathon Experience

On Oct 1, 2016 I will be running my second 1/2 marathon race. Just an FYI for you, a half marathon is 21.1 km or 13 miles! On Sept 11, 2016 I successfully ran in in my first ever 1/2 marathon race.  It was slower than I trained for.  Due to a comedy of errors on […]