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Just What The Soul Ordered

I am not complaining about the weather. But, because I am slightly asthmatic. Cold weather, running and I don’t get along very well. 🙁 So I just don’t do it when the outside temperature drops to more than – 6C.

Today’s weather filled my soul’s desire to go for a run. It was only -3C. The only downside was that my running partner, who I affectionally call the gazelle wasn’t able to make it today 🙁

It was a glorious short 6km run. It felt great to be outside and running

Let The Silliness Begin, My Second Marathon!

After a long internal deliberation, I have decided to run another marathon!neil Victoria Marathon Finish  I completed my first one in October 2017.  Silly me has decided, “That wasn’t so bad.  I should do another!”

So I have registered for the Okanagan Marathon, on the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend (October 7th, 2018)

The fun part is, that my sister Glenda (the real runner in the family) is going to run it with me!  My sister Sherry, may run the 1/2 marathon!

My first marathon I had no goals other than I just wanted to finish, and finish healthy.  I achieved both goals.  This time out I want to beat my previous time of 4:56.

Let The Silliness Begin!

My First. . . Possibly My Last Marathon

On May 21st, 2017 I will be running in my first and quite possibly my last.  I am running in May to test my personal endurance.  To push myself, mentally and physically.  If and only if I enjoy the running the distance of 42.2 km’s may I do another one.  If I don’t enjoy the distance. I am okay with just completing one!

The one I selected to do, when I started researching marathons.  Note to all there was no shortage of running events.  I chose to do a local event and I decided to do one that my running coach Scott McDermott would actually able to attend.  I choose to run in Red Deer, Alberta as Scott’s gym is located in Sylvan Lake.

As with most races and this particular event is no different than the rest.  They require a tremendous amount of volunteers to make the run happen.  So if you would like to watch me run and help out at the same time. Consider signing up as a volunteer. There are a variety of job / tasks that need to be done!  There is probably even one that would suit your interests.


My 1/2 Marathon Experience

On Oct 1, 2016 I will be running my second 1/2 marathon raceNeil Canmore 1/2 Marathon.

Just an FYI for you, a half marathon is 21.1 km or 13 miles!

On Sept 11, 2016 I successfully ran in in my first ever 1/2 marathon race.  It was slower than I trained for.  Due to a comedy of errors on my part – self inflicted entirely.  I happily accept my time of 2:18:08.

Note:  The race winner did it in 1:24:30

Backstory – The race was in Canmore and the morning of the race we were driving to Canmore I discovered to my horror that I forgot, my water and food (fuel) for the race.  During a long distance race you need to eat to give your body the necessary energy it needs to complete the race as well as water to re-hydrate.

The race had three water stations so I was okay with using the watering stations to re-hydrate.  Food was the big issue for me, I had a couple protein bars in my running bag so I thought I was still okay.  In hindsight it would have been better to buy a couple chocolate bars with nuts.  Oh well! Live and learn.

October 1 I will be running in the Harvest Half Marathon in South West Calgary.

For Oct 1, I have created a check list:

  • Water Bottle Belt
  • Water with electrolyte drink
  • Gel packs (fuel)
  • Cellphone (Contains my running timer)
  • Hanky to wipe sweat of brow
  • Running Shoes
  • Running shorts
  • Running shirt
  • Socks
  • Running pants – in case of cold weather
  • Running coat- in case of cold weather

After race gear:

  • running shoes
  • socks
  • shirt
  • shorts or pants
  • water
  • snack

So even though I stared the race on September 11th not under the most ideal conditions.  I persevered and I completed the race.  It felt pretty darn good to do.  I was actually quiet emotional.  I was extremely proud of my accomplishment. As this was not an overnight success, most weeks I was running a minimum of three nights a week and I was riding my bike to provide my muscles with some cross training. To build up my cardio training.

When I started training in April for the race in September, I had two goals:

  1. To finish the race.
  2. Stay injury free.

I was extremely proud and exceptionally happy, because I stayed injury free throughout my entire training and I completed the race.

My three goals for the October 1 race are:

  1. Finish the race
  2. Stay injury free
  3. Beat my September time , even if it is only by 1 minute.  My goal it to beat my time!