It has been just over a week since I completed a marathon of 46 individual interviews for my book called, “Chasing Success – The Trouble With Being Normal.” Yes, you read that correctly, I completed 46 interviews over a two-day period, October 27 and 28. I started at 9:30 am and went to 11:30 pm on both days. I was one happily tired man on Saturday!

I was in true bliss as I started the interviews. For a myriad of reasons. First and foremost was that I could gather 46 top-notch world-class speakers, trainers and reluctant friends who I thought were successful to agree to the event. I was blessed to have guests from across the globe, Thailand, Australia, Canada The United States, Argentina, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, and Estonia. I was blessed that so many people tuned into the show at various times! The guests offered an incredible plethora of information. So much wisdom in the group. I am honored to know these people!

One of the big questions I got asked that I never answered on the show was, “What was my version of success?”

What is my definition of success?

Success is the steady incremental improvement toward the achievement of a person’s core value(s)!

L. Neil Thrussell

What is your version of success? I would love to hear your version of success.

You can watch replays of the Chasing Success Podcast series here on YouTube.

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