Time to Breathe

It has been just over a week since I completed a marathon of 46 individual interviews for my book called, “Chasing Success – The Trouble With Being Normal.” Yes, you read that correctly, I completed 46 interviews over a two-day period, October 27 and 28. I started at 9:30 am and went to 11:30 pm […]

I’m So Excited

In my mind I can vividly hear the pointer sisters singing, “I am so excited, I just can’t hide it!” So what’s got me sooooo darn, excited you ask? I am hosting a summit on Success, called Chasing Success. I am interviewing 50 coaches, speakers, and trainers, as well as people from all walks of […]

Time To Focus

Chasing Success Book Cover

Since I announced my retirement from the Alberta Government (My last day in the office will be December 23rd, 2022), I have taken the opportunity to gain additional clarity on what I am going to do on my first day of working solely for L. Neil Thrussell (Tuesday, Jan 3rd, 2023). I initially thought I […]

Chasing Success

I’ve floated the title of my book “Chasing Success” past many, many different people over the last couple of years. Most, if not all loved the title. Interestingly enough almost immediately after the magic of my nifty title is worn away the next question out of people’s mouths invariably is, “Neil, what is your definition […]