This post was an unfinished DRAFT that I have now decided to complete. Look at me go 🙂

I was shoveling snow after a freakish April snowstorm on April 19th, 2022 I began to think, “If I wasn’t having to shovel snow right now, what would I prefer to be doing with my time?” The answer was, “Almost anything! Especially, I could be writing.”

This got me asking, “Aside from my job, why am I living where I am living?” I am close to retiring with a full pension. Not a great pension, but it’s a pension nonetheless… Which is better than what many people I know have.

Through the course of shoveling the driveway, my brain went back to the experiences of when we first moved to Calgary. We rented for the first year we lived in Calgary. It truly was a carefree time in our lives. We spent many weekends exploring the new to us city, and further reaches of the southern half of the province. Where I had not been before! It was a simpler time for us both!

beautiful view of moraine lake
Photo by Jaime Reimer on

It is now November of 2022, I am in full-scale retirement planning mode. I will be starting 2023 off as a retired Alberta Government employee and taking on the new role of self-employed entrepreneur. One of my numerous retirement goals is to work on downsizing our clutter at home and our trailer. While spending quality time with Tina and writing my books. I currently have four in the making and many, many more, patiently waiting for me to make room for them to be birthed!

The young woman, whom I affectionately call my adopted daughter, Allysa who resides part-time in Mexico has invited us to go house-sitting in Merida, Mexico. This could be exciting!

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