Even though I have written countless stories, articles, blog posts and have published 3 novels. I still have a hard time saying that I am an author. As at times I get caught up in the old world paradigm, that only real authors have a big name publisher behind them. Like Harpercollins, Random House and Penguin books! Yet, the truth is I am a published author, I have sold books in multiple countries and my books do have a loyal fan base! As with all authors, entrepreneurs, business people we all wish to sell more of our products. So yes, I would still love to sell more of my previous books! Especially more of my upcoming books!

Have you every thought about writing you own book? If so whats stopping you? I know first hand the process of writing, publishing and selling your book may seem daunting. But, let me assure you, when you know the steps. The proper steps and the proper order to do them. The process is not daunting or overwhelming!

Drop me a line if you would like to chat about the writing and publishing process!

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