Cover Alchemy of the Heart

Getting Away From it all

On November 11th, Tina and I packed up some food, our laptops and the cat (Beau) and headed off to the foothills. So that I could get away from the clutter of our lives and focus on WRITING.

This weekends entire focus was not about building our relationship, or fixing something. Or even visiting someone. It was about WRITING. Writing on one of my novels.

And writing is what I did. Tina, had some writing projects of her own. But her secondary purpose was to get some quiet time in nature… Which she got, so mission accomplished.

We took some prepared meals with us. So were not distracted by meal prep. We utilized the dish washer alot.

The only distraction was, Tina needed some help with our website and The Shin Dao Solutions Handbook she was editing, so we can release it very soon! Yes, that is coming out very soon!

I am a slow typist, on average I get 3k to 5k words done in a day. I was exceptionally pleased with my efforts of 15K words over the weekend! More importantly… I am loving the way the story in unfolding..

When I write I have a vague idea on what I want the story to say. But in reality the story comes through to me as I write! I know many parts of the story. But sometimes, even I am astonished as to what my fingers put to paper!

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