Now you have written your book, you’ve got an incredible cover. The back jacket description rocks. You cried tears of joy when the first proof arrived at your doorstep. You also have corrected all the little things in the formatting that bugged you and you even fixed the occasional typo you may have missed in the editing process.

Now your book is finally ready for ‘SALE’.

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Unfortunately, Now the Real Work Begins…

I am going to say this again, writing and creating the book in my little ole’ mind is the easy part. The hard part to me is the actual selling of your book to complete strangers.
The soft or easy sell of your precious work is to your immediate family and close circle of friends. After that, it gets increasingly more difficult as you lose intimate connection with a person.

If your dream or goal is to sell more than the Amazon average of 150 copies. You have your work cut out for you!

Even if you have an established publisher. Selling books can be difficult. A publisher pushes your work a short period of time and then moves on to the next book in their release list. A brutal fact in the book publishing sellers world.

To get a book published in today’s world a publishing house wants to know how big is your social media “reach” or sphere of influence. They want to know how many people you can personally reach or connect with via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram and any other social media account I may have missed.

Why, because social media has a huge reach for a very little cost associated with it. So if you intend to write a book and you want to sell it. The moment you make that decision, you need to actively work at building your social media sphere of influence. You need to share with your family and friends that you are writing a book, you MUST build a movement around your book.

Which is one of the reasons I always build a draft cover of my current writing project. So I can create a movement around my book!

I share my writing journey with my tribe, to keep them interested in the book, so they become invested in the book. So when I release the book. It is NOT a sell! They are already vested in the book and want to know about!

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