Writing a book was painful enough for most people and unfortunately now comes even some of the hardest parts in the process. Trust me it gets worse as we continue on with part 3 of the series.

Sorry to tell you this. But, writing the book is some of the easiest parts.

In my humble opinion, this is the order and magnitude of the difficulty of the tasks that you need to complete before you sell your book.

  1. Cover design – artwork.
  2. The back cover description of your masterpiece.
  3. Formatting your masterpiece.
  4. Your actual final book size-book.

Your cover design is the single most important piece in selling your book. Why, because eventually, your book will be on a webpage or bookshelf with hundred maybe even thousands of other books and it is the ‘Book Cover’ artwork/design that is going to grab your potential buyers attention. As a brand new author and an unknown to the consumer, it is all about the “LOOKS” of your book. The size of your book and cover materials matter to the overall appeal to your book. Because the overall image/design of your book is everything.

If you don’t get readers to pick up your book, you can’t entice them to read the back cover description or even a few pages of your book! You won’t sell any books, completely dashing your hopes of best-seller status. So test and retest your book cover design.

None of that matters if you have a family of 20,000 avid readers and your family buys all your books at full retail prices. 🙂 But since most people don’t your book design matters, immensely!

The sad ugly truth is, the average author only sells 150 copies of their book .

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So now that you have created a killer cover, the description on the back has to succinct, and powerful. It must leave your audience wanting more. It needs to reflect your writing style and draw the reader into reading a few pages of your book. Every author knows in their heart once they start reading the story, the buyer will be hooked and buy all of their books!

Like I did with David Eddings the Belgariad Series. I found the series after it had been out for a while. So I bough all 5 of the books of the series at once! I wasn’t taking any chances in not being able to find the books! As there was no amazon back then.

A warrior's Heart: The Awakening Book Cover

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