On December 14th, 2022 Alberta Environment and Protected Areas held a retirement gathering for little ole’ me. I put in just over 41 years of service to the Department and its various incarnations of the Ministries name. The festivities started with a luncheon at the Yangtze Buffet followed by a coffee and cake celebration at AEP’s, Deerfoot Square office. The place I called my work home since about 2003.  Just an FYI, Tina and I moved to Calgary in May of 1995 for the department.

My rambling thank you speech. I’ve never retired before. So I couldn’t practice for this one!

Copies of the Letters of Appreciation That I Was Presented With

Not everyone was able to attend in person so my wonderful co-worker Emily set up an opportunity for people to wish me happt retriement online!


  • Started with Department Nov 6, 1981 as a wage employee. Drafting Aide, with Report Design Section, Planning Division
  • Continued employment with Planning Division but was paid through a placement company
  • In 1990 was placed back on wage as Technologist II with Report Design Section, Planning Division
  • In July 1992 was reclassified as a Technologist III with Report Design Section, Planning Division
  • In April of 1993, I transferred to the North Saskatchewan River Basin Team with Planning Division as GIS Technologist
  • In 1994, transferred to Water Evaluation Branch as a GIS Technologist (Department restructuring)
  • May 1995, transferred to the Calgary Regional Office as GIS Technologist, Water Resources Division, Water Evaluation, Calgary
  • In May of 1998, transferred to the newly created Regional IT support within Water Administration, Bow Region. Due to the cancelation of the IBM IT Support contract.
  • In 2000, transferred back to Alberta Environment, Natural Resource Services, Water Management Division, Water Administration, Bow Region as GIS Technologist. Due to the creation of Service Alberta Ministry wide IT support mandate
  • In 2003, transferred roles to Regional Services, Southern Region, Environmental Management as an Extension Services technologist
  • In 2010 transferred to Resource Management, Southern Region as a Water Modelling Technologist
  • In 2022, ending my career with Environmental Knowledge and Prediction Branch, Modelling Integration and Support Team as a Modelling Support Technologist



  • Co-created the physical 3D models that were used in the original Oldman Dam visitor center
  • In May of 1993 letter of appreciation from Norther River Basins Study Director, Douglas Ferrier for work done while I was in the Report Design Section
  • Was responsible for the digitization (corrected geographic land location) of ALL surface water licenses in the South Saskatchewan River Basin for EMS (Environmental Management System). Note there were 26,000 licenses to correctly locate.
  • Has worked for 20 of the 23 Ministers of Environment, Starting with the Honorable Jack Cookson.
  • In 1996 I got EPA involved in the very First Calgary Corporate Challenge. Participated in every Calgary Corporate Challenge until EPA withdrew their participation in 2018
  • In 2010 to 2018 was involved in the United way in the Calgary Office
  • In 2021, co-organized Movember Fund Raiser to honor a deceased Staff member who previously led the Movember fund raiser.


  • Plans for retirement, to finish all 4 of the current books I am working on. (3 fiction and 1 non-fiction book)
  • Spend winters in warm climates, that have good Wi-Fi, so I can write more books
  • Travel to Europe, Australia and wherever my wife wants me to go!

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