In my personal life. I am not much of a verbal story teller. I often defer or let others share their stories before me! People are sometimes surprised when I tell them I am an author. Apparently many people have a picture in their minds that authors are the consummate story tellers. Whether that be in writing our auditory! They figure authors tell stories all the time!

Yet, that is not always the case. take me for example! I love to tell stories through my writing. Less so via word of mouth.

As an author, language is important, but equally as important is grammar. I personally don’t struggle with language when I write as I have a very verbose and well rounded dictionary of words to choose from. But it is that darn ole’ issue of grammar that can trip me up. Which it does regularly. Especially in my first draft (manuscript) of ANYTHING I am writing. As I endeavour to type fast and just let the words flow onto the page. So while I am doing that, I can and do make silly mistakes with homonyms and homophones! The struggle is reel 🙂

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