If you’re one of the millions of people that feels called to write a book, whether it’s to leave a legacy, share a message or program, or find greater purpose and fulfillment…

I’m excited to share with you a free Master Class from a 6x award winning and bestselling author, my friend and colleague Kathryn Kemp Guylay.

According to the groundbreaking research Kathryn has conducted with over 100 authors, there are four key elements that trip up aspiring authors on their publishing journey and process to achieve their full potential.

It has to do with the rapidly changing publishing industry—which has created confusion and complexity for authors, many of whom fall prey to faulty contracts or even industry “predators”.

Yikes. I know that sounds bad.  But Kathryn is dedicated to gently working with authors to guide them through the complexity and confusion so that they can navigate their publishing journey with confidence and competence.

I’m excited to announce that she’s offering a FREE masterclass in which she’s going to show you how to:

  1. Start your profitable publishing journey with the SMART first step (hint- it is NOT to “just start writing” OR “sign a contract”)
  2. Learn the industry players-and how they affect your profitability and happiness factor
  3. Avoid the Magnum Opus complex
  4. Think beyond the book

The masterclass is called: “The 4 Essential Elements for Navigating the Publishing Industry with Confidence and Achieving Your Financial Goals in Publishing.”

Sign up now for the free Master Class with Kathryn

If you’re committed to changing more lives with your expertise and content, I encourage you to sign up for Kathryn’s masterclass.

L. Neil Thrussell

P.S.  Kathryn is giving a special gift to those who attend the masterclass live.  Go here to register for free Masterclass .

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