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Living The Warrior Code

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Living The Warrior’s Code

After a terrible crash 3 years ago while participating in the 2015 Ultraman World Championships my friend and running coach Scott McDermott has been on the painful and difficult path to recovery and gearing up for the ultimate comeback race. 
Living The Warrior Code is a documentary film about what it takes to defy the odds and get to the finish line.

So proud of my friend and mentor!  The limited release independent movie comes out in July.

Warrior’s Code
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Introspective Work

Neil In UniformI trust you had an awesome Christmas. Mine was pretty darn good, too Filled with lots of love, food and friendship… as well as a huge amount of introspective work.

The easy short answer on my introspective work is I realized that I have depleted the magic, or spark, in my life. I haven’t played as much as my soul needed, I haven’t skied in years, and I haven’t written just for the sheer enjoyment of writing in a long time! I haven’t traveled as much as I want.

I really haven’t taken the time to enjoy the magic of life as I have been sooo busy trying to make a business. So busy that I inadvertently dampened the zeal for life that made me interesting, a great speaker and an awesome facilitator. So, as I lost the zeal, I had to work that much harder, which made me that much more boring. Not the best paradigm to be running a business from.

So, after some heartfelt soul searching and deeply profound work on myself, I am saying, “Screw it! I am going to play!” But, before I do that, I wanted to say thank you for being part of my journey. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

I will no longer be producing this e-zine every other Tuesday. I am, however, going to keep this mailing list open. As inspiration strikes me and/or if there is something I think you would get value from, I will send you off a note!

My parting words of wisdom to you are – Travel more, play more, make love more, eat slower and enjoy your food. Surround yourself with incredibly passionate people and remember, “No one gets out alive!.”

You are loved!

Running Panther
aka Neil Thrussell

10 amazing superfoods at your grocer NOW

We all know food has amazing powers to heal and keep

you healthy.


But it’s so frustrating to me that more people aren’t taking

advantage of this!


These days, I’m so sick of all the so-called “experts” telling

us to eat this or eat that.


It’s so hard to find which are the very BEST foods to eat.


The true “Superfoods.”


The ones that are not just good for you but that can truly

transform your health and your life.


That you’ll actually enjoy eating.


And that you don’t have to trek across town to a health food

store to special order and spend a small fortune for.


Well, my good friend, Dr. Partha Nandi has come up with the



He is revealing the top 10 most nutritious (and delicious) foods

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Foods that can have amazing abilities to restore your health

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That taste delicious.


That are available right now at your local supermarket.


And now you can see for yourself!


Because he’s put it all in an informative e-book.


And I’ve arranged for you to get a FREE copy, at no cost

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You see, Dr. Nandi is on a mission to bring real health and

well-being to everyone in the world.


He has started a #HealthHero Movement to show you how

to conquer disease (most of which are totally preventable)

and live a long, active and healthy life.


Well into your “Golden Years.”


The e-book Dr. Nandi is graciously giving away (#HealthHero

Superfoods) shares the incredible health benefits of 10 of his

favorite superfoods and how to start taking advantage of them…


…eating them, using them to cook with, enjoying them…


Starting TODAY!


As Dr. Nandi himself says:


“These are not elusive and exotic superfoods but whole

foods you can find in your local grocery store year round…

foods you can incorporate as part of your daily diet.


“I have included some of my favorite recipes for breakfast,

lunch, dinner, snacks and more to get you started and inspire

you to start cooking with these amazing superfoods.”


When you get your free copy, you’ll be amazed how easy it

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I’ve read it and I can tell you this…


You’re in for a treat!


The amazing superfoods Dr. Nandi reveals can help…


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And so much MORE!


From custards to muffins, puddings and sandwiches, salads,

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you how to make all your meals super good and super healthy

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You can grab a free copy today before they’re all gone.


To your health,


Neil and Tina Thrussell


My 1/2 Marathon Experience

On Oct 1, 2016 I will be running my second 1/2 marathon raceNeil Canmore 1/2 Marathon.

Just an FYI for you, a half marathon is 21.1 km or 13 miles!

On Sept 11, 2016 I successfully ran in in my first ever 1/2 marathon race.  It was slower than I trained for.  Due to a comedy of errors on my part – self inflicted entirely.  I happily accept my time of 2:18:08.

Note:  The race winner did it in 1:24:30

Backstory – The race was in Canmore and the morning of the race we were driving to Canmore I discovered to my horror that I forgot, my water and food (fuel) for the race.  During a long distance race you need to eat to give your body the necessary energy it needs to complete the race as well as water to re-hydrate.

The race had three water stations so I was okay with using the watering stations to re-hydrate.  Food was the big issue for me, I had a couple protein bars in my running bag so I thought I was still okay.  In hindsight it would have been better to buy a couple chocolate bars with nuts.  Oh well! Live and learn.

October 1 I will be running in the Harvest Half Marathon in South West Calgary.

For Oct 1, I have created a check list:

  • Water Bottle Belt
  • Water with electrolyte drink
  • Gel packs (fuel)
  • Cellphone (Contains my running timer)
  • Hanky to wipe sweat of brow
  • Running Shoes
  • Running shorts
  • Running shirt
  • Socks
  • Running pants – in case of cold weather
  • Running coat- in case of cold weather

After race gear:

  • running shoes
  • socks
  • shirt
  • shorts or pants
  • water
  • snack

So even though I stared the race on September 11th not under the most ideal conditions.  I persevered and I completed the race.  It felt pretty darn good to do.  I was actually quiet emotional.  I was extremely proud of my accomplishment. As this was not an overnight success, most weeks I was running a minimum of three nights a week and I was riding my bike to provide my muscles with some cross training. To build up my cardio training.

When I started training in April for the race in September, I had two goals:

  1. To finish the race.
  2. Stay injury free.

I was extremely proud and exceptionally happy, because I stayed injury free throughout my entire training and I completed the race.

My three goals for the October 1 race are:

  1. Finish the race
  2. Stay injury free
  3. Beat my September time , even if it is only by 1 minute.  My goal it to beat my time!


10 Years Ago

I can’t believe next month it will be 10 years since myself and a group of family and friends went to Sri Lanka to rebuild houses after the 2005 tsunami.

It was an emotional, heat breaking and heartwarming trip!

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