This past weekend was a ‘clean-up things so that I could free my mind to write’ deal. Historically, I have a hard time writing when I have any kind of list of things to do. The to-do list seems to be an oppressive weight on my writing ability. So I spent Friday night and Saturday morning clearing up my to-do list so that I was energetically free to write.

It worked! I wrote and wrote and wrote. The real issue was that I wrote from my head and not my heart. When I sat back and reread all that I wrote Sunday afternoon I couldn’t believe the “CRAP” I had written. Yes, it moved my story along. But it didn’t take my heart with it! So I did something I have never done before. I simply deleted all the work I did since Saturday noon. Selected the text in my word document and deleted it!

I kept no evidence of what I wrote, no copy, no print out. Nothing!!! It felt rather liberating to do this.

The cool part was that as soon as I deleted what I had written, the real story began to flow into me. I gained clarity on what I truly knew that needed to be written!

So not all was lost! 🙂

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