Allow me to share a unique conundrum that’s been occupying my creative space—I find myself at a crossroads with two nearly completed books, each awaiting the final touch of around 20,000 words to reach completion. The decision that stands before me is both exciting and challenging: should I proceed with the NaNoWriMo novel, diligently crafted during the intense month of November, or should I re-immerse myself in the world of “A Warrior’s Heart: The Promise”?

These choices weigh heavily on my mind, and in the spirit of collective wisdom and shared experiences, I turn to you, dear readers, seeking your thoughts and insights.

The NaNoWriMo novel is a fresh creation, birthed amidst the fervour of a dedicated writing month. Its characters, settings, and storylines have unfolded vibrantly in my imagination, infused with the energy of recent creation. There’s a certain allure to carrying forward this momentum, nurturing the seeds planted during this intense period of creativity.

Yet, beckoning me with its own allure is “A Warrior’s Heart: The Promise,” a project already underway, bearing the essence of a story that’s been brewing within me for some time, Master Akio and Graham have been calling me for some time now. The characters are old friends waiting for their journey to reach its conclusion—a story to be unveiled, a promise to be fulfilled.

Dear readers, I invite your perspective at this junction of my creative journey. What are your thoughts on such a dilemma? Have you encountered a similar crossroads in your own creative endeavours? How did you navigate such a decision?

Consider this an open invitation to share your insights, experiences, or perhaps even your gut feeling on this matter. I value your input immensely, understanding that collective wisdom often guides us through the most intricate of choices.

Furthermore, what guiding principles or considerations might you suggest beyond the specifics of these two books? How do you approach making choices when torn between creative pursuits? Do aspects of the Shin Dao philosophy resonate with such decisions—developing the body, inspiring the mind, opening the heart, or elevating the spirit?

I invite you to join me in this conversation to lend your thoughts and perspectives as I stand at this pivotal juncture in my writing journey. Your contributions will not only enrich my decision-making process but might also resonate with fellow creatives who encounter similar crossroads in their own pursuits.

Thank you for being a part of this dialogue, and I eagerly anticipate the wisdom and insights you’ll share.

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