When I first wrote the “The Warrior’s Heart” series. The two primary characters (Graham and Master Akio) regularly invaded my sleep. The chapters and story plotlines were revealed to me in my dreams. I dreamt of their antics many times over the six-year period it took me to complete the trilogy.

Once I completed book three, A Warrior’s Heart: Convocation, Graham and Master Akio stopped appearing in my dreams. Yes, I missed the antics of the boys. But other books, such as “Awakening of The Heart: Shavon Sun Cloud,” took their place and needed to be written.

Then one magical night a couple of years back, the boys returned. In my mind, we sat around a campfire. Graham and Master Akio shared with me the next book. Yes, there is going to be a book 4 in spite of me being pretty sure that the series was just a trilogy. It was a joyous reunion.

The only issue with the boys returning to me was that I was in the midst of writing “Awakening of The Heart: Shavon Sun Cloud.”

So, I spent a couple of days writing out a story outline and then parked the story.

Fast forward to March of 2023. I completed the initial manuscript of “Awakening of The Heart: Shavon Sun Cloud” and sent it off to the editor. Which freed me up to begin writing… The boys were finally happy, and it was their time again!

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