Ah, the eternal question: “What Do I Know That You Don’t Know?” Buckle up, dear reader, for we’re about to embark on a journey through the hilariously baffling mind of Neil, the self-proclaimed expert in all things Neil and perhaps the most oblivious philosopher of our time. Strap on your thinking caps and prepare for a philosophical rollercoaster that will leave you questioning your own sanity.

The short answer Neil offers is a paradox wrapped in an enigma, seasoned with a sprinkle of cosmic confusion: “EVERYTHING and yet at the same time Nothing!” It’s as if Neil has just unlocked the secrets of the universe, only to realize that his keys don’t fit any locks.

Neil’s confidence is commendable, I must admit. He boldly claims to be the ultimate authority on Neilology, the study of Neil’s thoughts, quirks, and profound revelations (mostly about himself). He knows what Neil knows, which begs the question: does Neil know that he’s the only one who knows what Neil knows? Let that sink in for a moment.

However, Neil is quick to clarify that he’s no expert on you. No, my friend, you are a mysterious land uncharted on Neil’s map of expertise. He doesn’t know your journey, your experiences, or your tendency to put pineapple on pizza (which, by the way, he would find both fascinating and repulsive).

Neil embraces his role as an outsider in your world, like a bewildered extraterrestrial observing humans from a UFO. He marvels at your habits, your achievements, and your strange attachment to those small rectangular devices you call “phones.” It’s as if he’s watching an intergalactic reality show, and you’re the star.

And now, the grand revelation: Neil knows that we are different. Drum roll, please! ba dum tss Yes, dear reader, brace yourself for the profundity of this insight. Neil has stumbled upon the gem of wisdom that distinguishes one individual from another. It’s almost as if he’s cracked the code to the enigma of existence if the code were a kindergarten puzzle.

As L. Neil Thrussell eloquently (or at least enthusiastically) puts it, Neil’s cosmic comedy of cluelessness unfolds. In his quest to grasp the universe, he’s managed to create his own universe—one where he reigns supreme as the champion of all things, Neil. So, the next time you ponder the vastness of human knowledge, remember Neil and his unparalleled mastery of being Neil. After all, he’s living proof that sometimes, in the vast sea of wisdom, a little humour can be the lifeboat that keeps us from drowning in our own certainty.

Note: For the record, I was pressed for time to get an article out, and I was also feeling a little adventurous and silly. So I called upon this enigma called ChatGPT (Artificial intelligence). I asked ChatGPT to write me an article, and the above is what it gave me!

What are your thoughts on ChatGPT, and what are your thoughts on the article? Connect with me at neil@neilthrussell.com. I would love to hear from you!

PS, This is the query I ask ChatGPT.

Philosophical article written with humour using the following: What Do I Know That You Don’t Know? The short answer is EVERYTHING, and yet, at the same time, Nothing! I am the expert in being Neil and knowing what Neil knows and nothing else. I am not an expert, in you? I don’t know your journey, your experiences. I am just an outsider witnessing you from my perspective. But, Yes! Big but! I know that we are different.

As written by L. Neil Thrussell.

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