You probably heard the ole’ adage, “That everyone has a book inside of them waiting come out.” I personally subscribe to the notion that this is true. What I also know to be true, is that not everyone wants to actually write that book that is hidden deep with inside of them. Some people boastful talk about it for years., “I’ll write that book next year.” Some may even put it off for decades and still never do anything about it!

A few people have taken the bold step and hired a writer or have a friend/family member write it for them.

As an author what I have discovered not everyone has the determination/disciple to sit down and actually write it out. Many people have started down the path. But have give up in discouragement and despair.

Writing a book is not for everyone. Though it is a possibility for everyone!. No matter your age.

Once you strip away the perceived fame, fortune and notoriety of being an International Best Selling Author. You will discover that writing a book is not for the faint of heart or for a person easily discouraged.

To varying degrees, this is can be the book wring process. Imagine this in your own mind’s eye.

Spending hours hunched over a keyboard or dictation software pouring out your heart and soul. Many times you’ve locked yourself way in solitude to minimize the number of distractions that would stop you from writing. So you can just get the damn thing done. (Note: In my experience every author gets to this point at some time in their writing career.)

Once you finally finish your ‘precious’ manuscript, you turn your loving work over to the compassionate caring editor. Who you personally hired based on their ability to understand and comprehend the complexities of your story and genre. You are so pleased with your choice of editors as you really connected with them on a deeply personal level, almost a spiritual level. They really get it!

The very moment your deeply connected editor has your beloved manuscript in hand they freakishly turn into some form of demonic hate spewing monster, “Cut that. Redo this. That whole section needs to come out! What were you thinking, how does this move the story along? You can’t do that!”

Then, they eventually send it back to you with hundreds of track changes or scribbled out words! If it is a paper manuscript you can’t see the paper for the red ink. You are utterly devastated, almost ready to give up. Notice I said almost!

From this heartbroken place it takes a few days before you are ready to start reading the changes the editor proposes and grudgingly you admit that most, but not all of the changes are good.

Slowly you begin to flesh out the pieces that needed more work and reworks some dialogue based on the devil you hired as your editor. Once again you re-read your work of art before sending it off to the editor. Happy with the results.

This can happen two or three more times before, the devil in your life says, “Looks great! Let’s get it formated!”

Stay tuned as I continue on the ‘whoes‘ of book writing process.

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