I was sitting in Costco waiting for my winter tires to be rotated on my trusty metal/plastic steed named Jet. My 2004 Honda Civic.

I ever so brazenly mentioned on facebook that I can get in and out of Costco regularly with spending less than $20.00.
Note: Tina’s Powergreens cost a mere $4.99 a package

My facebook post was instantly lit up like a Christmas Tree on Times Square during the holiday season, I was accused of witchcraft, sorcery or simply having the will of steel. I am choosing to think about it being the later of the three! There were even a few disbelievers who thought I could be lying 🙂

This conversation led me to the conclusion that my next course offering needs to be, “How to get in and out of Costco without buying all the unnecessary Sh$$.”

Which has further spurred a second course this time for the IKEA shoppers. “How to not get lost in an IKEA store. With a follow-up workshop. “How to not buying anymore candles.”

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