I am looking for Beta testers for our app. Currently only available for the Android user 🙁

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Learn To Live a Life On Fire – Tips To Bring Greater Happiness and Fulfillment

Is the Solution EVERY professional needs in today’s stressful, cut-throat work life, and the answer to the question, “How can You LOVE your life and THRIVE, despite unprecedented stress levels, job dissatisfaction, burn out loss of vision, and reduced career opportunities?”

Learn to Live a Life on Fire!!!

So what’s in or on the app? First off there is a gift for you for trying out the app! It is in the nice Gift Icon in the app!

Secondly, there is an awesome audio Meditation on the app. Also Tina has provided and awesome talk on Mindfulness. Plus much, much more!

Please install the app and share with me your thoughts. What works, what doesn’t what would you like to see more of?

Drop me a quick email at neil@neilthrussell.com with your thoughts!

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