Unlocking the Missing Pillar: Embracing Abundance in the Shin Dao Philosophy!

Hey, Shin Dao enthusiasts! Today, I’ve got some exhilarating news to share with you all. Picture this: a powerful afternoon with my mastermind group, diving deep into the essence of life, when suddenly, a revelation strikes like lightning! But before we get into that, let me quickly touch upon what a mastermind group is for […]

Unforeseen Gems on Moskito Island: A Story of Unexpected Blessings

I am sitting in the doctor’s office for my annual checkup – a routine triggered by my participation in Movember . It brought back a flood of memories of an incredible trip Tina and I won to Moskito Island near Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands in November of 1991. During our stay, we […]

Join Us for an Extraordinary Journey into Beauty with L. Neil Thrussell

close up photo of green frog

Are you ready to embark on a transformative adventure that will change the way you perceive beauty? If so, mark your calendars for an unforgettable journey with the renowned speaker and spiritual guide, L. Neil Thrussell (that would be little ole’ me!), on October 22, 2023, at Unity of Calgary. Let me take you on […]

Sage Within” Online Masterclass

person holding compass

I trust this message finds you in good spirits and ready to embark on a remarkable journey. Today, I extend to you an invitation that is as rare as it is transformative – an opportunity to delve deep into the recesses of your soul and discover the profound wisdom that resides within. The “Sage Within” […]

Book Titles

woman reading book

I need your input to help author little ole’ me come up with the perfect title for my upcoming book. The story revolves around a gripping fictional military conflict between Canada and the US, sparked by a 10-year drought crisis in the United States, leading to a sudden invasion of Canada for its water resources. […]

The Expertise of Neil: A Comedy of Cosmic Cluelessness

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Ah, the eternal question: “What Do I Know That You Don’t Know?” Buckle up, dear reader, for we’re about to embark on a journey through the hilariously baffling mind of Neil, the self-proclaimed expert in all things Neil and perhaps the most oblivious philosopher of our time. Strap on your thinking caps and prepare for […]

A Quest

Hey there! Have you ever been on a quest? I’m not talking about slaying dragons or embarking on epic adventures (although that would be pretty cool), but rather a personal quest of self-discovery. If you haven’t, let me tell you about 10 great benefits and reasons why you should consider going on one. And the […]

The Rebel, Adventurer, and Explorer Archetypes:

An archetype is a fundamental and universal pattern or symbol that represents a specific concept, idea, or personality trait. Archetypes have been part of human culture and storytelling for centuries, originating from the collective unconscious as proposed by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. Archetypes matter because they provide a framework for understanding and connecting with deep-seated […]

Retirement – Day 1

Retirement image

Well today is my first day of my pre-retirement. I am actually on holidays until February 17th. Which is the date I actually officially retire from the government. I have taken holidays and have stayed at home and worked around the house. But, it does seem a little weird to be at home, with no […]