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I’m So Excited and Yet I’m Such a Goof!!

I have been doing a new Podcast show with my buddy Jamie Adamchuck of UE Coaching since April 17th and I forgot to share that little fact with you here. Silly me!

The Show is called UPLIFT – Uplifting Conversations That Set Your Heart of Fire! It is a bi-weekly production that is LIVE on Facebook and on our Youtube Channel.

Or if you are more of a podcast listener you can always get the links to your favorite podcast medium here:

Our next show is on Friday, May 15th at 2:30 MDT. |
Note: You can always find the replay easily on Youtube if you can’t make the live show.

I Lost My Wallet

Somewhere between Monday night and Tuesday noon. I lost or misplaced my wallet.

Once I discovered it was gone, I immediately notified my bank and cancelled all my cards. Leaving me with no cash in my possession.
Tina fortuitously has a stash of cash for these sort of emergencies.

But, for me a guy that almost entirely shops via credit card. I find myself in unfamiliar territory. I have no access to my own money in the bank for a few more days and it is an unpleasant feeling to effectively broke in my own little mind. Even though there is money in the bank.

My spending power is indelibly linked to those cards that I currently don’t have.

The second issue was, my identity. I know who I am. yet, without my ID I felt disconnected from the world. I couldn’t prove to the world that I am who I say I am!

It has been an interesting experience, this loss of my wallet. As my teacher Satyen Raja use to say, “A most interesting evolutionary experience!”

A WEE bit Sore

This morning took a little bit of effort for me to roll out of bed. Unlike how I normally would do it! Surprise, surprise I slightly overdid my physical activity the previous day. Ouuuccchhh. What were you thinking Neil?

I started by running 5km at lunch.

That was okay, no big deal. Though it was still a pretty fast pace with my running partner, who I affectionately call the gazelle. Still no big deal! Buuutttt…

Then I walked 7.88 km after work.

Image Neil Thrussell with walking time posted on it

I walked from my office to downtown Calgary. As you can see it was 7.88 km! At a reasonably brisk pace. and then….

Then like a fool I ran a 3km fun run!

Neil Running

So after a lunch hour run, then a walk after work I entered and ran in The Secret Marathon 3k fun race /walk, in Calgary on March 4th, 2020. Funds raised went to the Girl Guides of Canada!

This early in the season a 6:00 minute kilometre is FAST! Freaking fast for me!

You think I’m crazy!

Before and after the race I got to meet with Martin Parnell. Martin is truly an inspiration. I am training to run my third marathon. Martin has run over 250 marathons in one year! That’s right he ran 250 full 42.2 km marathons in one year. Who’s the crazy one now?

Image with Martin Parnell and Neil Thrussell

Martin was the driving voice behind the documentary “The Secret Marathon”

To learn more about the Secret Marathon go HERE


No More Empty Calorie Lunches

I’ve entered to run the PEI Marathon in October of this year. The training starts now. In my mind, there are a whole bunch of interrelated tasks that are important to successfully complete a marathon and completing the marathon healthy. But, there are two primary tasks that stand out from the rest.

  1. Is the physical and mental training necessary to actually complete the run.
  2. Is ensuring that I am taking care of the nutritional requirements that my body needs.

I am a little heavier than I want to be, so I need to lose some weight while fueling my body with healthy quality foods. One of the easiest ways I know to do that is to pre-make lunches for the week!

We have partnered with Synduit our Virtual Marketing Department to create an email series on meal planning.

Step By Step Meal Prep Ideas

No more excuses! If you think you don’t have the time or money to get healthy, you’re wrong. Eating out day after day is not only costly, but it leads to unhealthy habits as well. If you think healthy food is too expensive, consider how much surgeries or medications will cost in the future.

During my Meal Prep Email Series, I will provide meal prep tips, fun recipes, and valuable health information to share with you. From getting organized to fun and tasty breakfast and lunch meal prep ideas, I’ll cover it all!

The key to eating healthy is preparation and organization.

Additionally, purchasing food in bulk and storing it properly will save you money in the long run. I’ll share standard food storage recommendations and which containers to look for to ensure a successful meal prep experience.

If you’re ready to become a meal prep master, this email series is just what you need! Get meal prep information and techniques delivered directly to your inbox for a fun and unique experience.

Better Health Is Within Your Reach!

According to the United States Department of Agriculture and, people who eat more fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet are more likely to have a reduced risk of chronic diseases and certain cancers.

The problem with processed foods is they are usually empty calories. You may have heard this term before, empty calories refers to foods high in calories but low in actual nutrition, such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The most common ‘empty calorie’ foods include anything with lots of sugar or fats and oil. For example, soda, candy, and chips – foods often found in vending machines.

Changing your habits isn’t always easy, but when it comes to eating healthier small steps are all it takes! For example, when you start the day off right, better choices are likely to follow. By opting-in to this email series, you will receive healthy meal prep ideas right to your inbox! Eating healthier has never been easier!