I just updated and added additional MASSIVE value into a pilot program that I want to Test Out and so I’ll be looking for 6 people to invest 4 weeks (1 month) of my own time and $5000 of my own money to help them:
🎯Uncover or rediscover their Life Purpose so that they can live a life truly on fire.
🎯Create greater meaning in their life.
🎯Gain control over their life by knowing what it is they are here to do! Which allows greater freedom of choice in each moment of their life.
🎯Increase their confidence exponentially, when they know their life purpose, they become more confident knowing they are here for a reason.
🎯Creating greater ease, by knowing your life purpose just makes life easier.
Last but not least…..
🎯LEARN the No #1 secret to living their Life Purpose at all times!
Max 6 people. Details to Come
Who wants in? 👎❤🤗👎❤🤗

After taking part in Neil’s program these last few weeks, I feel anyone who’s unsure of what they want out of life or if they’re wanting to uncover their true purpose in life would find this program beneficial no matter where they are at.

Keith Ng

I highly recommend Neil’s Life on Fire program. After just the first session my mindset change was powerful. I found the information given in 4 short sessions was effective and compelling!

Melissa Redick
HR Recruiter

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