I had taken my seat on Sunday for the service at Unity of Calgary. One of the pluses of attending Unity is they encourage you to take your coffee/tea to your seat. As I placed my coffee on the floor I noticed something was amiss with my footwear.

To say, “I was not impressed” was a massive understatement!

My first responses were :
1) To be annoyed with myself for not paying attention to footwear choice.
2) To be embarrassed. A fear that people could tease or ridicule me for my accidental footwear choice.

This little debacle with my footwear was like the icing on the cake. I was supposed to go for a long run after service. But due to a lack of organization on my part, this was not happening. I thought I put on my running shoes to go for a long walk instead of my planned run. I didn’t!

After the service, the congregation typically enjoys conversation, cookies and more coffee. My footwear choices were a highlight to a few of the members! There was some good-natured teasing focused upon me!

What was even more fun was on my walk after the service was seeing people’s puzzled or inquisitive reactions when people realized that I was wearing two different shoes! there were a few giggles and smiles from people as I passed them

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