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This was the very moment in time, the precise instant I had been waiting for all my life.  I had spent six grueling months saving up for this very instant.  I could feel my heart racing with excitement. I stayed six months longer at a job I detested, in a town I hated, in an apartment I loathed.   With people, I couldn’t wait to leave behind so that I could be standing here in this very moment. I breathed in a huge deep breath. To say that I was miserable prior to this instant would have been the biggest understatement of the century.

Now, here I was a few minutes away from taking the biggest step in my entire freakin’ life.  I could taste and smell the excitement in the air. Not that any of the last five days with Master trainer Mike Realms had not been totally awe-inspiring or completely life-changing or worth every single sacrifice I had experienced.  These past five days and nights had been truly magical and had transformed my life completely, actually, truth be told they were freaking awesome.  I was a changed man, I was a new man.  It was like I was about to be born again. I had focus, vision and a real purpose for my life. I was on fire.  I was going to take on the world.  I was freakin’ ready.  “Come on world! I am ready for you!” I joyfully thought to myself as I waited my turn in line.

I was awash with positive vibes.  I was literally bouncing up and down on the spot, like a child waiting his turn to go to the bathroom.  My body was tingling with nervous energy.  Three more people to go and then it would be my turn.  Mike Realms always ended his big five-day life purpose events with a fire walk.  The moment I discovered this I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I needed to do this work and I felt deep within my soul once I completed the walk I would be utterly unstoppable.  It was my time and I knew it!

I looked around, two more people to go. I was so excited and nervous at the same time that I could taste bile in my mouth. Thoughts of “Damn this is going to be good!” raced through my head.  The noise, the chaos was almost overwhelming. I was a starving rat at a buffet.

One of the always smiling fire walk assistants came over and stood before me bellowing at me, “Ground yourself and stay focused!”  I grinned. He bellowed again, “Ground yourself like we showed you.”  I fought down my excitement as I closed my eyes and began to imagine that my feet were giant roots that extended deep into the ground and from there I continued to imagine that they stretched out for hundreds of feet in all directions.  I breathed in and breathed out. My frantic heart rate began to slow down, the tingling sensation in my body began to evaporate and an overwhelming sense of peace and inner knowing enveloped my whole being.  It was like I was now wrapped in a giant marshmallow of love and protection.

I don’t know how long I had been grounding for.  But it was long enough for the person in front of me to go and complete their walk. Somehow I managed to hear, “Okay mate, it is your turn, go“, while at the same time I felt a tap on my shoulder indicating for me to move forward.

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