This morning took a little bit of effort for me to roll out of bed. Unlike how I normally would do it! Surprise, surprise I slightly overdid my physical activity the previous day. Ouuuccchhh. What were you thinking Neil?

I started by running 5km at lunch.

That was okay, no big deal. Though it was still a pretty fast pace with my running partner, who I affectionately call the gazelle. Still no big deal! Buuutttt…

Then I walked 7.88 km after work.

Image Neil Thrussell with walking time posted on it

I walked from my office to downtown Calgary. As you can see it was 7.88 km! At a reasonably brisk pace. and then….

Then like a fool I ran a 3km fun run!

Neil Running

So after a lunch hour run, then a walk after work I entered and ran in The Secret Marathon 3k fun race /walk, in Calgary on March 4th, 2020. Funds raised went to the Girl Guides of Canada!

This early in the season a 6:00 minute kilometre is FAST! Freaking fast for me!

You think I’m crazy!

Before and after the race I got to meet with Martin Parnell. Martin is truly an inspiration. I am training to run my third marathon. Martin has run over 250 marathons in one year! That’s right he ran 250 full 42.2 km marathons in one year. Who’s the crazy one now?

Image with Martin Parnell and Neil Thrussell

Martin was the driving voice behind the documentary “The Secret Marathon”

To learn more about the Secret Marathon go HERE

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