Coming Winter 2025

The United States of America is facing a water shortage.  The worst that has ever been, ever!  Crops and the economy is dying.  The U.S. has pleaded with Canada to the North.  The plea has fallen on deaf ears.

A bold plan was formed. Some would say it was a desperate move, some would say it was sinister plan.  But a plan was formed, none the less.

…Operation Snowball was 2 years in the making and was one of the most secretive operations the American air force had undertaken since World War 2.  The mission itself was rather straight forward.  The logistics behind it we are little more complex.  Because planning a ‘training’ mission into Canada without the prior knowledge or the permission of the Canadian Government was a little problematic.  As technically most countries would view this to be an act of war if 75 war planes suddenly appeared in your airspace.


General Black was confident in the superior technology of his planes so that there was little or no chance of the Canadian Military would even know about the massive transgression that was about to occur until it was too late.  But, because the Canadian Army is instilled in so many levels of the US forces and it is rather difficult to keep many secrets from them and since they generally work side by side.  General Black made it a regular Wednesday morning practise to launch a large number of planes from the bases along the 49th parallel.  Though today’s mission would be different, much, much different…