L. Neil Thrussell (Best U Can B) provides quality programs that require extensive preparation, and these preparations are based on the number of attendees in each program.  In addition, our suppliers for locations, activities and supplies often charge us on a “per attendee” basis, requiring a non-refundable deposit.  We make these commitments on your behalf.  For these reasons, our cancellation policy offers the following options:

If for any reason you cannot attend the event that you have registered for, you may find someone else to attend in your place.  Written notification of that person’s name and contact information must be provided to L. Neil Thrussell (Best U Can B) at least 24 hours before the event.

If you receive any products in conjunction with the event, you must return those products in excellent condition for any refund or credit to be processed.  (Shipping and handling costs are not refundable.)

All cancellations must be in writing and delivered by mail, text or email. Voice mail and verbal correspondence do not constitute written notification of cancellation.  The cancellation notice will be deemed to be the date on which L. Neil Thrussell (Best U Can B) receives the written notification.

Should you fail to notify the office of L. Neil Thrussell / Best U Can B Inc. in writing of any changes, or not show up at the event, there will be no refund nor credit.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

121+ days prior to the event = Credit less 10% of the tuition paid, or refund less 20% of the full tuition amount.

61-120 days prior to the event = Credit less 30% of the full tuition

15-60 days prior to the event = Credit less 40% of the full tuition

0-14 days prior to the event = No credit nor refund

* Event credits are valid for 1 year from the date of cancellation, regardless of whether the event originally registered for is offered again within this time period.

An N.S.F. cheque or a credit card decline will be subject to a $50 service charge.

If any installment payment should default, you have 7 days to rectify the situation, unless the event is within 30 days, in which case you have 24 hours to rectify the situation.  Otherwise, all special discounts and bonuses will be forfeited and full tuition will apply.  If you should default on any installment payment without rectifying the situation, cancellation of your registration may result and the cancellation policy will apply.


Registration fees cover the cost of tuition and materials used within the event only, unless otherwise specified.
All food, travel and accommodations are the responsibility of the participant in the course unless otherwise specified.


A 100% refund on defective products will be granted only if the product is returned within 7 days of the original purchase.  Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.

L. Neil Thrussell (Best U Can B Inc.)

63 Martin Crossing Park NE, Calgary, AB  T3J 3N7 

phone   403-285-5266    (toll-free outside area code 403, dial 1 844 807 3925)