by Nathaniel Theos

The story takes place on a distant humanoid planet called Solis.  Solis evolved into a violent/ corrupt place. It suffered through three world wars. From the ashes of the Solis Global War, a matriarchal rose as the new power structure, its role, was to save the planet, from violence and corruption.

A matriarchy peace has evolved, grown and has been preserved for over 3000 years. The planet has embraced an “ethical living” way of being for over 1,500 years.

One of the first tasks, the new leadership of Solis adopted was to mandate boys at 8 years old register their DNA and at 16, wear a tracking collar.

If they don’t, they instantly become “An Unregistered Male”, To not register and wear the collar made them ineligible to work and breed, outcasts. They were taken to the edge of the civilized lands and cast into the barren uninhabitable wastelands, to live or die at the whims of the weather.  To the leadership of Solis, they were becoming a growing problem of gigantic proportions amongst the peaceful ways of the Solis people.

On Solis, men were only needed for two purposes domestic work (Traditional jobs of the early 20 century) and breeding. 

The rich, powerful, and political could afford the best breeding stock, to ensure their offspring were healthy… and female. The poorer women who felt the call to bear a child had to take a chance, with older breeding stock or purchase fatherhood in a frozen vile.

Intimacy with a male was only for the rich, powerful and connected.   

Within the bowels of the traditional male training campuses, a rebellion is forming.

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