amazon-best-sellerAfter crashing his Lear Jet in the South Pacific (the result of his own arrogance), Graham begins to question who he is and what his life is about.  Shortly after his rescue, he makes the bold decision to return to the deserted island to do some soul searching for thirty days… only to discover that he’s not alone!  What unfolds is an exciting adventure; a compelling tale of self-discovery, transformation and awakening to spirituality. The antics of these entertaining characters will not only keep you wondering what’s next, but touch your heart with their story of unconditional love and friendship.  Embrace your own Warrior’s Heart and make your Warrior Spirit grow by reading A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening!

Reviewed on January 7, 2015 by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite and given a 5 star rating!

5star-shiny-web“A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening is an inspirational adventure novel written by L. Neil Thrussell. Graham Connelly first ended up on the island when the plane he and his friend, Blaine, were piloting went down in the Pacific Ocean. They waded across several smaller islands until they reached this one. The two were rescued several days later, dehydrated and shaken by the ordeal. Now Graham has had himself ferried by boat for a 30-day stay on that same island. He panics as the boat’s captain starts to leave and tries to get them to wait for him, but the captain, thinking that he is only waving goodbye, waves back and departs. Graham has all the necessary camping gear, plenty of food and provisions, and the gift of a journal to write his experiences in. It is an island paradise, though sadly missing some girls to share it with.

The deserted tropical island setting in L. Neil Thrussell’s inspirational novel, A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening, had been the original attraction for me in reading this book. I immediately found myself envying Graham his little tent and beach chair by the waves. When he meets Akio, the elderly Japanese soldier, however, the adventure book I was reading suddenly became so much more. I loved sharing Graham and Akio’s days of meditation, sword-play and fishing in the warm ocean waters, and found myself dreading the passage of time along with Graham. Thrussell’s characters have become dear friends, it seems, and I, too, have been a student at Master Akio’s feet. A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening is a magnificent effort that is simple, elegant and very profound. I’m so impressed with this book and have learned so much from it. A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening is most highly recommended.”

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What people are saying about the book

“Hang on to your seat! You’re in for one heck of an adventure! A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening is an Indiana Jones-style adventure that transforms you along the way. It is a wonderfully captivating journey to the edge and beyond… for the characters in the book and for YOU. This story will entertain you, have you asking questions that you haven’t asked before, and make an adventurer out of you. Your Warrior spirit will grow and your Heart will be touched deeply!”– Satyen Raja, Trainer, Author, Chief Passion Igniter at Ignite Passion Now

 A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening conveys that there is a divine plan for each one of us. The Awakening lies in the heart of every person, and their life journey illuminates the path. Open your heart to love and live your life in harmony with the world around us.”
– Svetlana Kim, Bestselling Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee and Spokesperson for the 2011 Macy’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening is a book which invites you to use all your senses when you read it. In so many ways, this book is a great expression of taking time for yourself, listening to the voices within. The learning is presented in a powerful way, inviting you to be part of the day to day experiences journeying along with what could be part of the awakening process.”
Sheila Unique, Best-selling author ofQuick Shifts

“What a delightful tale of self-discovery, friendship, the power of love and a journey of awakening to spirituality!”
– Marilyn Suttle, Coauthor of the bestseller Who’s Your Gladys? and creator of the Suttle Shift

This delightful and compelling story about a man’s desire for a deeper existence is entertaining and enlightening. A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakeningshares a transformation we all long for – how to become a more conscious, heart-centered being. Through the journey, you’ll be inspired to take a different look at how you live your own life.”
Shawne Duperon, Six-Time EMMY® Winner, ShawneTV.

“LOVE this book!A wonderful adventure of survival and self-exploration, it’s a brilliant, engaging read from start to finish. You will not want to put it down.”
Teresa de Grosbois, Word Of Mouth Marketing Expert, Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Founder of The Evolutionary Business Council”

“Places for living and learning are sacred; some more so than others. When Graham interacts with Master Akio during his reflective journey on the island, every place of Akio’s unfolding story is important. The more Graham learns, the more Akio’s story enfolds into Graham. Then comes the amazing point in their friendship when Graham has a knowing; he knows how much sand becomes a sand pile, then a sand dune, without counting each grain of sand. This awareness was Master Aiko’s miraculous gift to Graham.”– Stephen Hobbs, EdD, Master Navigator, Wellthy=Wealthy Entrepreneur Program, WELLth

You will discover in A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening, the greatest adventure is the spiritual quest to awaken to the truth that you always have been, and always will be, loveable and loved. You will learn that it is through finding a place of stillness within and letting go of how you think things should be, or should have been, that you can truly open to love and discover the extraordinary in the everyday ordinary tasks of living.”
Jacqueline Bignell, Executive Producer, The Difference Movie

This book is a story that I truly enjoyed reading. I loved the deeper message that continually built as building blocks for the foundation of true spiritual awakening: the bigger our heart, the greater our understanding and greater our capacity to touch another person’s life.  A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening certainly has touched a place in my heart, reaffirming the greatest gifts in our life come from connection to our Source and not our pain. A must read!”
– Nancy Battye, Speaker, Writer, Radio Show & Interview Host, Life Coach