An excerpt from this exciting conclusion to the A Warrior’s Heart trilogy:

I awoke with a start, my elbow violently jerking and falling off the armrest of the extremely weathered hospital armchair for the umpteenth time that morning.

Even though my eyes were still tightly closed I could tell it was just before dawn; I could feel the sunlight that was eagerly starting to shine through the large hospital window. I opened my eyes a tiny slit and squinted at Master Akio. He was, of course, wide awake and gazing at me with a smile. I kept my eyes closed, like a little boy not wanting to let his parents know he was awake on a school day, desperately wanting a few more minutes of peace and quiet.

For the last eight days, Master Akio and I had lived a virtual nightmare. He had been poked and prodded numerous times a day and the vampires – otherwise known as nurses -who had taken numerous blood samples from him daily, would soon be arriving again. They would be followed by the hordes that returned with a vengeance each day.

Yes, there had been a steady, never-ending stream of diplomats from both the Japanese and the U.S. Governments. There were representatives from the embassies, war departments, veterans affairs, plus countless reporters, doctors and, of course, the always present and ever dreaded vampires. Even though I’d been by Master Akio’s side for eight days, I’d seen very little of him. Apparently, people far more important than me needed to see him. It seems there aren’t too many World War II soldiers who went missing in action in the Battle for the Marshall Islands that are found this many years later. Master Akio had quickly become quite the celebrity.

He had graciously endured their incessant questions, but I could tell he was tired, none the less. He was also tired of the atrocious hospital food. It was quite the contrast to the food he’d become accustomed to on Inspiration Island. There, the food was always freshly made and hot, as it was only about forty paces from the ‘kitchen’ to our chairs.

If there was any good in Master Akio being hospitalized by a heart attack, it was that they’d given him a complete physical and psychological evaluation. He’d also received a complete and very thorough dental checkup. I was a bit envious. Despite the fact that he was over ninety years old, he still had no cavities, which was an impressive miracle to me.

What manuscript readers have to say

“The first two books were such a well-told, entertaining story, filled with wonderful messages and truths about life…  and this third book, Warrior’s Heart: Convocation is a fitting conclusion.  Just as powerful the first two, this book will hold your attention right to the last page!” Charmaine Hammond, Author and Motivational Speaker

“I love books that are not only a joy to read but inspire and teach along the way. Convocation, just as each book in the A Warrior’s Heart trilogy, consistently draws you to become part of the journey it shares about life, love, and listening to your inner voice; the characters’ learning becomes your learning.”- Ellen Rogin, co-author of the New York Times Bestseller Picture Your Prosperity

“A Warrior’s Heart: Convocation brings the characters to life with words that dance off the pages. Masterfully written and weaving a story of triumph, you’ll be moved by the powerful spirit of love as you realize you’re exactly where you’re called to be.”    – Lisa Marie Platske, Award-winning Leadership Expert, International Bestselling Author, Speaker, and President of Upside Thinking, Inc.

“This book was worth the wait! Loved the first two books and this brilliantly engaging conclusion of the story will keep you captivated right to the end. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn, you’ll love it! “    – Teresa de Grosbois, #1 International Bestselling author of Mass Influence

“I said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the way the characters in these books become as real to you as your best friends. You can’t help but laugh and cry with them. In this newest book, A Warrior’s Heart: Convocation, the lovable Master Akio assists his student, Graham, expand his remarkable journey of personal growth and awareness into discovery of his life purpose. It’s a great read.”     Sharon Carne, Classical Guitarist, Author, Speaker, and co-founder of Sound Wellness

“A Warrior’s Heart: Convocation brilliantly continues the compelling tale of love, friendship and spiritual awakening that endeared you in the first two books of this series. This third book expands the story of personal transformation to include forgiveness and awakening to life purpose in a way that will inspire you to live your life more fully.”     – Shawne Duperon, Six-Time EMMY® Winner, Founder of Project: Forgive

“We waited a long time for the continuation of this story… and it was worth the wait! A Warrior’s Heart: Convocation had me laughing and crying as much as the first two books. It was such a surprise to have so many more characters added to the story… and a great way to show us that each and every one of us has something to contribute to the world, in our own way. This story made me really think about how we all can learn from each other… sometimes in surprising ways!”    Colleen Bartsch, Caterer and Farmer’s Wife

“The exciting adventure continues! The first two books told a powerful story of personal transformation and spiritual awakening (through a surprising combination of Swordplay and Meditation taught by a little old Japanese World War II vet!) that was both entertaining and inspiring. This third book, A Warrior’s Heart: Convocation, continues this captivating story about love and life, illustrating the power of following your heart to fulfill your life purpose.”    Satyen Raja, Founder of WarriorSage Group, Mentor, Author

“A Warrior’s Heart: Convocation is as engaging as the first two books in the series. The messages about the power of love, friendship and personal evolution revealed in Awakening and Perseverance deepen in this exciting conclusion to the trilogy that introduces bigger challenges, deeper love and a delightful discovery of life purpose.”    Jean Hudson, International Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Professional Speaker and Founder of Hudson Leadership Academy

“When I read Neil’s books, a word surfaces. It dances with me on the island beach where his exquisite tales unfold. For his latest book, A Warrior’s Heart: Convocation, the word accompanying my smiles and tears is transition. So much transition happens for the cast of characters – transition in their heads in thinking, reflecting, deciding and learning what’s possible for self and the community. Transition in their hearts in gifts shared among each other, and more so, when Graham accepts the designation of Master with graciousness. Transition in their hands in the creation of buildings and water pools necessary for sharing their island with others who arrive to explore and discover their warrior heart. For in time they, too, will attend their convocation.”    Stephen Hobbs, EdD, DrWELLth – Master Navigator of the book series The Spirit and Story of IT