L. Neil Thrussell

Neil is a 4 -time International Amazon Best Selling author of the  A Warrior’s Heart book series. International speaker, trainer and, the co-founder of the Shin Dao Institute™.

He illuminates purposeful, passionate living with his words… and actions.

Neil believes everyone, especially you, has a life purpose.  He also believes you were born to fulfill that purpose.  The catch is, you may not know what that purpose is right here and right now, in this very moment, but trust him, you were born to live it!

Neil also believes that there are many ways to live your life and for Neil, his own personal path is sharing the path of the Shin Dao and walking theWay of the Spiritual Warrior through his mission.

Neil’s Personal Mission in 2019

I Create A World Of Heart Based Connections By Living and Teaching The Shin Dao

Neil’s Personal Mission in 2010

This was my original mission from 2010. I love that my current mission still uses many of the elements of my 2010 mission. So it is really affirming to know that I still am all about transforming hearts and minds!

Neil Previous Mission

Through love – explore, challenge and guide the awakening of the inner truth in all those I meet.

Check out my personal philosophy

Author, Coach

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