“Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What is the meaning of life?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself questions like these, you may have turned to one or more spiritual leaders / personal development teachers to find your answers (as we have done over the years).

But did you find your answers?

If not, you may ask yourself, why not? Is it because the leaders/authors/teachers you turned to are much better marketers than they are teachers?
(We certainly experienced this at times in our search for answers!)

Ask yourself about the leaders and teachers that you’ve followed,
• What is the source of their education?
• What is the depth of their knowledge?
• What is their personal experience with the body of knowledge they are sharing?

Classic example: Someone can go online and pay less than $20.00 to buy a coaching Certificate program. Will that make them a great coach? …Doubtful.

Someone can take an online self-study course in Reiki. Will that make them a Reiki Master? …Once again, doubtful.

Perhaps it takes more depth and breadth of knowledge to make someone a good teacher…

Even if you’ve been fortunate enough to find good teachers (as we also have – teachers whom we’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars to study with!) you may not have found answers you are completely satisfied with.

Or perhaps these good teachers have fostered a thirst for information and knowledge that compels you to want to learn more.

Either way, you may want to ask yourself (as we asked ourselves),

Asking these questions led us down an exciting path of exploration, searching for the original sources of information that formed the knowledge base of our spiritual leaders and personal development teachers.

What we discovered is an ever-expanding world of possibility and potentiality – the world of the Master Teachers –  the Wisdom of the Ages! 

And now, this wealth of knowledge that transformed our lives, the original sources of the great Wisdom of the Ages, is available to satiate your thirst for knowledge at the click of a button!

In 2008 Dr. Wayne Dyer (who was affectionately called the “father of motivation” by his fans) attempted to bring into our modern world the life-changing, ancient wisdom of “the Tao” or “the Way” by publishing a book called, “Living The Wisdom Of The Tao“.

Before writing this book, Dr. Dyer immersed himself in the teachings of the ancient Master Lao-Tzu for over a year, taking in one of the 81 verses for several days at a time, in order to more deeply experience and understand the Tao – the Way to live life with bliss.

Dr. Wayne Dyer took the time to seek out an ancient Master in order to bring forth their “Wisdom” and deliver it directly into the mainstream of the personal development culture.

Consider this question, “What if Dr. Wayne Dyer’s experience of the Tao Te Ching was simply his experience?” Is it possible you could have a different take on these ancient teachings?

Is it possible you would learn more by examining the teachings for yourself, rather than through the eyes of Dr. Dyer?

You’ll never know… unless you delve into the original text of the Tao Te Ching, just as Dr. Dyer did!

Knowledge is Power! Will you settle for second-hand knowledge?

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book about the Tao was a rare example of a modern-day leader sharing his interpretation of age-old wisdom based on his personal experience of the original teaching.

There are countless authors/leaders and teachers who learned something from someone (who learned that something from someone else before them, who also learned that something from someone else before them!)… and then published their version of the teachings.

Knowledge today is many times removed from its original sourceHow much more could you learn by studying the works of the original teachers? (Based on our experience – a ton more! Learning goes so much deeper when accessed from its original source.)

Imagine how self-empowered you would be if you were amongst the privileged few to access the original sources of knowledge yourself!

Knowledge is power and a wealth of knowledge has been assembled for you… with easy access.

The “Wisdom of the Ages” site offers you one central source to access the original works of the Masters – the pure knowledge that bypasses the many levels of interpretation that your teachers likely learned through.

Becoming a Member of The “Wisdom of the Agessite gives you the rare opportunity to access a wealth of wisdom already gathered, at your convenience.

Practical Application of Knowledge

Not only is The “Wisdom of the Ages” library a place where you can access, study, learn and experience these Master teachers for yourself

It’s a place where you can access lessons that offer practical applications for this knowledge. Besides the original Master’s teachings, you’ll find Modern, Up-to-Date readings and email lessons that provide you step by steps ways to:

Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Your inquisitive nature and willingness to examine how you look at life through the probing questions presented in these lessons will bring greater depth and meaning to your life. (We know since these exercises have brought a greater depth, meaning, ease and grace to our own lives.)

By becoming a member of the Wisdom of the Ages library you grow into the top 1% of the world who place themselves in the driver’s seat of their lives, taking action to apply knowledge and skills that develop wisdom and generate results.

The Source of “The Secret”

Many people have heard of the “Law of Attraction”, which became fairly well-known through the movie “The Secret”. Yet many of the ‘new crop’ of teachers can’t tell you when the term “Law of Attraction” was first used and by whom. They don’t know… which means they may not know the most effective ways to use the Law of Attraction, either. (This explains why many people say, “I tried using the Law of Attraction, but it doesn’t work!”)

Master Key System

One of the first known uses of the phrase, “Law of Attraction” was in the ultimate “how-to” manual published by Charles F. Hannel more than 100 years ago!

Is it possible that the knowledge about how to effectively use the Law of Attraction has been lost in the translation over the years?

Charles Hannel’s publication, which includes priceless information about how to access the Law of Attraction, was published in 1912 as a ground-breaking weekly lesson program called, “The Master Key System”.

Accessing the original teaching could reveal a whole new level of possibility and opportunity in your life!

More Original works from the Masters!

Charles Hannel’s lesson plan, “The Master Key System” is just one of the original works of the Masters that you’ll find in the “Wisdom of the Ages” library

You will also have access to the timeless inspirations of the original Tao Te Ching through your Wisdom of the Ages” membership, such as “Simplicity, patience, and compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.”

Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu’s ancient text has been fundamental in philosophies and religions throughout time, serving as a source of inspiration and guidance for centuries.

This ancient wisdom is offered in the way it was intended to be learned – one lesson at a time (with the modern convenience of being delivered straight to your inbox!).

As A Man Thinketh

James Allen wrote, “As a Man Thinketh” in 1903. This powerful little book was considered to be a guide to help you help yourself by examining how you think.

This ‘pocket companion for thoughtful people’ provides the foundation for many of the principles commonly accepted within the New Thought Movement.

The less-than-straightforward languaging in this original writing offers the reader opportunity to pause and reflect on the deep meaning of the words, as in this excerpt:

The mind is the Master power that moulds and makes, And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills, Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills: —He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass: Environment is but his looking-glass.

And there’s more!!!

There are even MORE original texts to enhance your knowledge in the “Wisdom of the Ages” library…


Modern, Practical Applications for this ancient Wisdom

In the “Wisdom of the Ages” library, you’ll find Modern, Up-to-Date readings and email lessons that provide you step by steps ways to:

Grow into the top 1% of the world who place themselves in the driver’s seat of their lives, taking action to apply knowledge and skills that develop wisdom and generate results.

Create Space and Freedom
in Your Life
to Enjoy Life More!

Create breathing room in your busy life so that you have time and space to absorb the Wisdom of the Ages you’ll be accessing. The bonus two-week program that launches your Wisdom of the Ages membership will show you how to simplify your life to minimize and relieve your stress. (We can verify that these methods workimplementing these small steps makes a big difference!)

A new practice emailed to you every few days will awaken you to simple steps you can take to have more time for the things you love. Experience the freedom and joy that comes through the practice of minimalism.

Why wait? Start simplifying your life now. Become a Wisdom of the Ages library member and start benefiting from the original teachings and modern, life-enhancing lessons that will take you to a whole new level of living.