ONLINE Vision Board Experience


Be creative. Be playful.
Uncover your dreams!

Creating your personal Vision Board is more than just pasting images on a template online.

The process is about releasing your brain’s potential to help guide you to your true happiness.

Your time is valuable and the simple, guided steps that Neil and Tina have developed for creating your personal ONLINE Vision Board will save you time and will make a noticeable difference in the choices you make in your life. This will lead you to live your best life…. possibly ever.

We use vision boards to get clear on our ideals and values, to let go of what’s getting in our way, and to attract the people, ideas, and things we want to see in our present reality.

The truth is, patience and action are also always required. The things we want don’t necessarily come easily, and overnight. But every day, our vision board helps us stay clear on our highest priorities.

We believe everyone should experience the satisfaction of visualizing their dreams as a way of making them come true.

That’s why we offer vision board workshops.

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Must-Know Details

We will provide you all the tools necessary for you to complete the Vision Board online using an awesome, free-to-you graphic design program for creating your AMAZING Vision board. Then you can print it and post it anywhere you desire.

Plus, we will provide you with tools to help you discover/uncover what is important to you at this moment and time, to offer clarity for creating the vision board that is perfect for you now and will help you manifest the life you desire!

Note:  This is a self-paced / self-directed workshop. This means you get to work at your own pace, on your own schedule… within the next two months, before your membership expires!

When you are done, we ask you to set up a time to share your vision board with us. (If you choose to share.)

Get clarity on what you really want. No more holding back. No more settling for someone else’s dreams!