Dare to Dream e-course


(re)Awaken your dreams, (re)Ignite your passion for life and Open Doors of Possibility for living a more Fulfilling life through this easy-to-use four-step home-study course.

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Awaken your dreams and a wonderful, child-like enthusiasm for life through this easy-to-use four-step home-study course.

Dreams are the desires in your heart that fill you with hope, passion, motivation and a zest for life. People who dream are people who are Alive!  When you dare to dream, you dare to believe that you can be Happier and your life can be more Fulfilling.

Engage in this exciting Dare to Dream journey to (re)Awaken Your dreams and (re)Ignite Your Passion for Life!

How the program works:

When you register for the Dare to Dream e-course, you will receive an e-mail with a short, but detailed description of the first step and an exercise specifically designed to awaken your dreams and desires. Then you will receive the second step one week later, giving you time to work through the first step in its entirety and be fully prepared for the next step. Each week for the following two weeks, you will receive another step and a powerful exercise that builds upon the last step, to take you closer to the passionate life you dream of.


“We followed our dreams, for dreams were all we had. In the process our lives became magical.”Sigfried and Roy, Magicians of the Century

Make your life magical! Dare to Dream!  Register for this self-directed home-study e-course now.

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