Too Stubborn to Let Go!

Neil has spent years perfecting the art of doing it his way only to be reminded that there are easier ways in doing things, besides his wife (Tina’s) way of course. Years ago, Neil believed, “If you are sweating, swearing and putting in tremendous energy into a project you’ve got to be doing it right.”  Right!?

Join Neil for a profound, yet light-hearted look at, “Letting Go.” 

L. Neil Thrussell is a 4X International Best-Selling Author (A Warrior’s Heart Series), Master of the Shin Dao, Speaker, Facilitator, Life Coach, Web Geek, Adventurer, Husband, Son, Uncle and Lover of Life. Neil has shared his vast acquired knowledge deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle; on various stages in North America and even on local TV. Neil truly believes that life is a grand adventure. If it is not fun I don’t want to do it.  So I make the dull, boring and repetitive – FUN!

Yesterdays Run

OMG! yesterdays run felt incredible. For the first time in MONTHS! My run felt like the old me had returned to my body. I struggled a bit. But it was like my legs decided they wanted to be moving again. It was like they came alive.

I have been struggling to run! My tempo, gate and desire were all off! Yesterday, tearfully was a great running day!

It all came together! It was awesome!

A little Bummed!

A year ago this past weekend. I met my sisters in Red deer and together we ran in the Woody’s RV 1/2 Marathon.

This year, none of us combined could run the 21.1 km necessary to complete a half marathon. All three of us are completely off our training plans and goals.

I could spend time on why I should have spent time running or the woe is me and why I have not spent time running But I am not. Just know this, tomorrow I run!

Author, Coach